iPad Pro with mini led could be delayed until July


For a company like Apple, delays in product shipments are not just embarrassing, they are also expensive for all those involved in the production line. Fortunately, these instances are rare and occur only in the most extreme conditions. Unfortunately, these conditions could be again at stake with the latest advantages […]

Galaxy Tab S7 FE FUAK adds to confusion on future tablets


Samsung should announce some new devices in the coming months and, while most of the interest focuses on expensive foldable phones, there is also special attention to more affordable devices. It’s mostly about some new tablets that Samsung should announce soon. What Samsung will announce, however, remains a question of […]

Roku Jailbreak gives users on the canals they install


For years, the GTV Hacker team has revealed a method for getting root access on Roku devices, but now they operate under the banner exploits.Rs again, specify a software crack for streaming hardware. According to the RootMyroku developer, Llamasoft, the feat takes advantage of a pair of vulnerabilities to allow […]

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