Know more about your baby bumps


There is no certain time when moms to start to be seen in a clearly pregnant abdomen.  Each woman is different in their respective pregnancies. Some women don’t come up with their pregnancy belly until the second quarter, while others begin to show them in the first quarter. Some females […]

10 food that are good during pregnancy


The growth of the baby is indeed related to the diet of the mother, and it is better to add nutrients to her diet than to increase the number of meals, say many experts. “Eating for two is a myth. Once you confirm about your pregnancy with help of Periods […]

The process of MRI Scans


The term MRI scan refers to the process where images of the structures and organs of the human body are taken out with the help of an MRI scanner and by using the technique called magnetic resonance imaging. MRI scans can give detailed images about tissues, bones, nerves and muscles. […]

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