Twitter tickets will have paid users to attend


It was really only a matter of time before the services and features of the Club House began trying to monetize the only audio media hype. Although Clubhouse itself seems to be always experiencing payment systems, Twitter grows with what is called ticketing spaces, turning the twitter functionality nascent into something like a concert or a VIP meeting and greet where users will have to pay tickets to enter. As attractive as it can rest for hosts, the cup they receive may not be so encouraging.

According to Twitter, it will only take 20% of ticket sales for yourself, leaving the rest of the hosts. However, this applies only after Apple or Google has already taken one’s own cups. This means 30% discount on the total, then 80% discount on what remains will go to the user. For a $ 10 ticket, it means only $ 5.6 hosting.

The payment system will be managed by Stripe and Twitter indicated that the edge of the invoice for the Stripe Transaction Fees. Those who will organize these events, however, will also have to have striped accounts. During the test period, only US users will be able to host these paid events, but anyone from around the world will be able to pay tickets and join.

It is only the last of what seems to be the fast iteration of Twitter features for spaces, which have only started a few weeks. He has already added the possibility of planning events and also plans to also add co-hosted spaces. This, in turn, is only the last of Twitter attempts to monetize the network beyond the usual ads.

Part of these plans includes Super Following, something like Patreon or Only where subscribers can pay for exclusive content. Maybe more interesting, however, will be blue Twitter who, among other things, could let people cancel tweets. This is not the Tweet modification of the feature users who have been claimed for years, but it seems that Twitter will want to make users pay this feature at the end.

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