Oneplus watch cyberpunk 2077 edition comes but you can not have it


Oneplus just likes to bind with the company to put their brand on its device and spread the device to the franchise fan. It tried the tactic for several years with Marque McLaren racing car but the partnership ended last year. Now it seems comfortable with other companies, including CD Projekt Red and controversial Cyberpunk 2077 game. As is done for one of the calls, now making Oneplus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Edition that you will not be able to easily unless you live in China.

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most awaited games in recent years so it’s not surprising how much protest when it fails to give. It was disrupted by bugs, especially on the console, and many were criticized for some content. However, it also has its fans and is surprisingly sold well despite all opportunities.

Oneplus made a big gamble on the popularity and fame of the game franchise when debuting Oneplus 8T Cyberpunk Edition late last year, around the same time that the game was launched. It may have been paid off, at least with a positive first impression when we open a rare device box. Now it provides Oneplus which is equally controversial watching the same care, even though with fan and fan services that are far less.

Unlike Oneplus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition, the Oneplus version of Watch is visually not distinguished from ordinary oneplus watches, especially with the screen turned off. The only tellal sign is a black rubber strap with a yellow accent that matches the aesthetics of the game. There is also a special watch with a yellow digit and Cyan’s spotlight.

In addition, this is the exact same and more important, more important, software. The initial version of the Oneplus Smartwatch custom software has not been warmly received but the company has pushed updates to overcome these criticisms. Oneplus Watch Cyberpunk 2077 Edition is scheduled to be launched on May 24 but, just like the Oneplus 8T partner, maybe only exclusive to the Chinese market.

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