Memory Foam Mattress -A Wise Choice Or Not?

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A long strenuous day at work leaves everyone looking forward to rushing back home, soaking in a hot bath, sipping on a favorite drink, having an appetizing meal and finally retiring into the home sanctuary-The bedroom. While furnishing a home, one of the top priority missions is selecting the perfect bed for your hideaway. The bed should simply be the best suited for you. This is where you sink into the tiny heaven of safety found only in your home.

The memory foam mattress is the most chosen option among all age groups of customers. The main reason is the extra comfort provided. The material is designed to utilize body heat for softening itself so that it can be molded as per the user’s shape. This is highly effective for people who find it hard to sleep and have irregular sleep patterns. The combination of materials used during manufacture is the key to success. Memory foam gives warmth and complete comfort to the user. It is the absolute choice for a  perfect night of deep sleep. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits included:

Benefits of a Memory foam mattress

  • Gives perfect contour to the body
  • Excellent cushioned support
  • Extended lifespan
  • Extremely durable
  • Efficient Pressure absorbing properties
  • Made of high-density material
  • Increases sleep alignment
  • Relaxes muscles in the body
  • Decreases back pain

Do memory foam mattresses sink?

Whether you purchase the mattress online or directly from a shop, you will, of course, check about the long term durability. The main query popping up among customers is whether memory foam mattresses sink? For every material, there is a natural level of weight tolerance. These types of mattresses have been manufactured to include a reflex layer that gives it extra bounce and protection from sinking. However, it is true that, after a period of constant and prolonged use, a latex mattress will eventually show signs of sinking or dipping. Small craters form along the flat surface of the mattress which cannot be rectified. The time duration for sinking instances can be extended by purchasing from high-quality manufacturers.

Prevention of sinking?

While you cannot avoid it completely, there are a few tricks and tips to prolong the sinking process. Below mentioned are some very effective ways of prolonging sinking as well as extending the life of the mattress.

  • Rotate the mattress

One effective way followed and verified by many customers is to rotate the mattress regularly.  As you keep rotating it, the pressure points keep shifting and is more balanced. This prevents sagging of the material at the same points. Make it a habit to rotate the mattress every fortnight.

  • Spreading out the weight equally

Consider changing sleeping positions and creating an equal weight balance. If the same position is adopted for a long time, that area gets compressed more and is more likely to start sinking.

  • Use a mattress topper which is removable

The topper can be removed and you can easily rotate the core of the mattress. Most of the compression is focussed more on the topper. So this does not affect the core area and prevents a greater extent of permanent damage.

The quality of the material used is a decisive factor to be considered while purchasing a foam mattress online. So along with enquiring about the foam mattress price, you need to pick out a branded manufacturer who will give the best available product.

When cared for properly as per the instructions included, a memory foam mattress manufactured by Wakefit can easily last in good shape and condition for around 9-10 years. Make a wise choice now and return home from work ready to curl into a deep, relaxing sleep!

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