Best SMS Marketing Tips for Cake Shops


The festive season is approaching and so the cake shops of the US are preparing to boost their sales. The busiest time of the year is just around the corner. Besides Christmas and New Year, cakes are also required for birthday or anniversary celebrations. If you have a cake shop in your area, then it is high time that you focus on SMS marketing to increase footfalls in your cake shop as well as online orders. You might be wondering why SMS campaigns and not anything else. That is because text-based marketing has high open rates and cost-effective. Email campaigns are not that effective with a gamut of filters to block promotional messages.

With the festive season knocking at the door, many people are preparing for that grand party. And what is a party without a three-tier cake, be it holidays, weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. SMS marketing is easy, convenient, and affordable unlike paid ads or traditional marketing.

According to an article published on, SMS marketing should create a sense of urgency to make your customers respond faster. It will help you generate leads and boost sales. You need to encourage your buyers with text messages so that they order that special cake from your store. How? Here are some of the best SMS marketing tips for cakes and confectionery business:

Offer special deals and discounts

When you are serving big venues including small restaurants and things like that, it is imperative that you offer special deals and discounts for bulk offers. Do not leave it to your buyers to carry out the conversation because that will make them look for your competitors. These little things matter in SMS marketing for your cake store.

If you are new to SMS marketing, read blogs and articles to learn how it works for different types of businesses. What are the dos and don’ts? What tactics to apply? What to avoid?

Use SMS marketing as a powerful tool, to let your customers know the prices when one first orders a cake. If you have a price list, use a shortened URL in the text message to let customers know about the original price and the discounted price.

If you have a bulk purchase option on your cake website, send an SMS quickly with the link to that page. If you still do not have a landing page, make sure you design one to support your SMS marketing effort or campaign because bulk purchasers expect something special instead of buying in single units. The strategy will help you build a professional image for your business and people will know that you are serious about bulk cake orders during the festive season or any other celebrations. Your customers will understand that you can supply when the demand is high.

You can offer special discounts and offers when buying in bulk. You can pique customer interest with messages like FLAT 20 percent discount on bulk cake orders. These little things matter when it comes to business texting service for your cake shop.

Mention the menu

Based on the scale of your cake manufacturing process, you may mention the names of a couple of signature products. Additionally, you can include a URL of the range of cakes and pastries you sell in your text messages to pique customer interest. It will provide multiple choices for your customers. Even if you sell 50 cake and pastry varieties, SMS marketing is the perfect way to share such details and update the complete menu during festivities and celebrations.

You can pique customer interest with signature cakes names such as Royal Birthday Signature round cake, Heart-shaped Wedding Chocolate Cake, or Christmas Special Giant Cake.

There is no need to send an endless list of cake names or prices that will not fit a 160-character SMS. All you need to do is share a URL that takes your buyers to the product list page of your website. You can also guide your customers to an updated product page where they can view and choose the fresh cake arrivals. That is how your cake business needs attention. To boost sales, ensure that all cake prices and names of them are updated with call-to-actions such as “Order Now.” Make the button simple and clear so that people understand what they are supposed to do.

If you sell cookies, chocolate-chips, banana chips, gift items, highlight those too on your product pages. You never know what people may like to buy. The menu should be comprehensive and not repetitive. Check for any duplicate cake names or incorrect prices. These little things matter when you send SMS to your cake-loving customers. Any old or incorrect information will not do you much good if you are looking for sales and revenues during the festive season.

Offer advice and ask for suggestions too

Presentation matters today. You need to prepare your cakes right with the best ingredients but also need to make your cakes look mouthwatering. Visual appeal is very important in this age of digital marketing. The big hotels and restaurants are looking for creative ways to add an attractive finish to their desserts so that people have the urge to eat them.

Therefore, you should use the same tactic in your SMS campaigns. You can add a line about serving etiquettes, presentation of the cake on the table, and information about complementary products. It will add more brand value to your cake business and customers will buy from your store. It is also one of the best ways to cross-sell and up-sell to improve your sales and profits.

You can also add a URL of your Instagram page in the SMS so that customers can see the high-definition photos and videos of your chocolate cakes, butterscotch cakes, black currant varieties, and so on. The options are endless. You need to think creatively to make your SMS marketing efforts pop. That is the key to the success of your cake business.


Now that you have these top tips handy, implement them in your SMS marketing strategy to boost cake sales. You will see positive results provided you know the rules of the game.

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