Call of Duty: Warzone has banned a staggering number of cheats


Call of Duty: Warzone turned into one of the most popular royal games, but this popularity comes with disadvantages for the Jougsbase base. We are talking about, of course, cheaters and free royal battle games seem to engrave with them. While the problem of cheaters in free games to play will probably never really solved, Warzone Devs has now shared some details on the number of cheaters during the existence of Warzone.

In a shared tweet last week, Raven Software added 30,000 more accounts to its account of prohibited actors. It is sufficient to push the total number of players forbidden on the half million bar, with the Raven software confirming that it now has forbidden more than 500,000 accounts on the life of Warzone.

Raven has not shared more details about prohibited accounts or what, in particular, they have been banned, but there is probably a good reason for that. After all, if the goal of Raven is to reduce the number of cheaters in Warzone, the advertising of cheating methods or other exploits quickly becomes counter-intuitive.

Hitting half a million banned chests is a pretty impressive step, especially when you feel that it was only again in February that Raven reported 300,000 prohibited accounts. These anti-cheating efforts are not simply limited to the war of war, with Raven and other duties call developers in the context of the activism bone that extend them to the Black Cold War and the war modern.

With the February announcement, Raven is committed to sharing regular updates on progress against cheaters. It will probably not long before hearing about the next wave of cheats that has been affected with Banhammer.

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