It’s time to unplug your eufy cameras


EUFY security camera owners found themselves capable of viewing live video and recorded other random users, in a huge violation of privacy affecting Anker. The owners of the affordable cameras started to report the problem earlier today, with access to other user cameras – including pan & tilt control over some models – elsewhere in the world.

Eufy offers a wide range of models, designed for indoor and outdoor use, as well as video muters, baby monitors and projector cameras for outdoor safety. Some cameras support the distance and tilt panoramic functionality, where the lens can be moved to look around the Eufy application part.

However, when multiple owners tried to see their cameras earlier today, they realized that they do not see their own food. Instead, they had access to what seemed to be both clips backed up live and based on clouds of random users elsewhere in the world. Others could see the list of alerts that the cameras generated during the day.

The owners on Reddit confirmed the problem, as well as at least one owner of the camera at 9to5Mac. Although the exact functionality seems different in some cases, some users were able to remotely capture video recordings and save them on their own phones from random streams. Others reported being able to access the EUFY settings on remote systems, including information on the home network.

This is a considerable concern for those who bought in the ecosystem of the EUFY products, especially among those who installed cameras inside the house or to monitor their children. The users concerned EUF found that the disconnection of their account and again, the more the energy cycling of the base of the house, was sufficient to restore access to its own system. However, others simply disconnected their cameras, which seems to be a pretty wise reaction.

The security breaches and the failures of privacy are not rare at that time, but the impact is always more important when it is a home security company like the EUFY that is affected. Wyze, another low-cost camera and an intelligent home technology provider, experienced a huge database breach at the end of 2019, for example, however that it did not see people who can access accounts of other users in the same way as this issue of the EUFY.

Eufy has not yet officially commented on the problem today. According to a message shared in the official Forum of the EUFY, it was allegedly from the company’s support team “, the question was due to a bug in one of our servers” which “was quickly solved by Our engineering team “. Even if it’s authentic, whether enough to reassure the company’s customers remains to be seen.

Update (1pm is): In a slashgear statement, an Anker spokeswoman blamed a bug in a server upgrade installed earlier today for the problem of the EUFY.

“Due to a software bug during our latest server upgrade at 4:50 hne today, a limited number (0.001%) of our users was able to access vi

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