Do Online Dog Training Courses Work?


When you train your dog, you always send it to dog obedience school, or you do it yourself. This practice has always been present since time immemorial. However, technological advancements make online dog training courses inevitable.

Many companies offer comprehensive courses on how to train your furry best friend. Spirit Dog Training is one such renowned company. The pet owner will get access to expert teachers who will impart their knowledge and skills in a language that is familiar to everybody.

Even the American Kennel Club, the trusted expert when it comes to dog breeds, has put a stamp of approval on these online dog training courses. The programs vary so that you can pick and choose the training your pet needs. For instance, there is basic obedience, puppy development, play, engagement, nose work, and fieldwork training.

What Can You Learn From These Online Programs? 

Although the skills cover all of the total development stages of a dog, you have the option to take the lessons you need.

Among the examples of skills you can master from Spirit Dog Training include:

  1. Fundamental obedience skills
  2. Walking your dog with a loose leash
  3. How to make your dog react when called
  4. How to ensure that your dog does not always react to stimuli
  5. How to spot your dog’s triggers
  6. How to properly play frisbee with your dog like a professional
  7. How to make the dog fetch things
  8. Like puppies, old dogs can always learn new tricks.
  9. How to make your dogs overcome their shyness and be more sociable
  10. Your dogs’ health is essential, and so is their brain functioning. Brain development skills training will stimulate them, unlike any other.

But how do you know you are doing the right thing? As a form of feedback, you will be asked to videotape your sessions so that the Spirit Dog Training can evaluate your skills and the progress level of your dog.  Also, you always have access to the trainer through various online messaging or video apps. You should participate in online forums so that you can engage with the other pet owners who are enrolled in the same online course as you.

Benefits of Online Dog Training Courses

If your dogs are reactive, which means, they lunge at strangers, it would be tough to send them to a trainer right away. Your furry friends might respond to your commands better than those of a stranger.

You might think that you are not equipped to train your dog. But you can start at the intermediate level. One clear benefit is you enhance your bond with your best friend. You go on a journey of learning together. You can also evaluate your skill level when it comes to training your dog.

On the other hand, your dog will become more familiar with your distinct verbal and non-verbal cues. There is a world of difference between a professional dog trainer giving commands as opposed to the owner personally doing it.

Ultimately, you develop perfect synchronization. It will come to the point that you do not even have to give a command. Your dog will anticipate what you need even before you realize it.

Another benefit of enrolling in an online program is that you own your schedule. Unlike sending your dog to obedience school where you need to rearrange your schedule to fit the classes, you teach at your own pace. It is perfect if you have a hectic schedule to attend regular group lessons.

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