What Kind of Spark Plugs Do I Need for My Ford Mustang?


Changing your spark plugs is an important part of doing a tune-up on your vehicle. If you own a Ford Mustang, you likely love your car. Therefore, you want to take care of it and keep it in ideal running shape. However, you may be uncertain of which spark plugs you need to get for your ride. Below is some guidance on spark plug types and which to buy for your car.

Different Kinds of Spark Plus

You likely already know there are several different types of spark plugs. They are principally differentiated by the conductive metals they use.

  • Copper: These spark plugs have a copper core and nickel alloy electrode. They have a relatively short lifespan. However, they were the spark plugs of choice in many older vehicles. Additionally, the high conductivity of copper makes it a preferred option in some high-performance settings.
  • Platinum: Platinum is harder than the nickel in copper plugs’ electrodes. This helps these plugs last longer and offer a more reliable experience. They run a little hotter than copper plugs and are ideal for modern cars with electronic distributor-based ignition systems.
  • Double Platinum: This is where many people start to get confused. Double platinum plugs feature two discs to accommodate backward-jumping, side-to-center sparks. Due to this, they wear slower than single-platinum plugs. However, these two types are not interchangeable. Make sure to consult your owner’s manual to know which to buy.
  • Iridium: This is an even harder material. These plugs typically last 25% longer than platinum spark plugs. Iridium requires less voltage than some other spark plugs and can keep performing even in extreme conditions. These plugs are worth the extra cost if your engine needs them.
  • Double Iridium: Like double platinum plugs, these spark plugs have two discs for bidirectional sparks. They can provide up to four times the service life of a copper spark plug. Like single iridium plus, they perform well in extreme conditions.

Which Do You Need?

It is important to buy the right type of spark plugs for your engine. Many modern Ford Mustangs take platinum or double platinum plugs. However, as there are multiple engine options available and many model years, it is impossible to provide general guidance on which to buy. Fortunately, your owner’s manual can help you here.

Alternatively, if you don’t have your owner’s manual, you can use a free VIN lookup tool at your favorite auto parts store. This will not only find the right year of mustang, but it will also find the engine and trim level. You can be confident that using a VIN lookup, you will find the right spark plugs and other parts for your car. Finally, many auto parts stores also have a lookup tool that lets you enter year, model and engine.

Get Started

Replacing your spark plugs will improve your start-up and overall engine performance. Whether you have an older vehicle in need of a tune-up or a newer one that you want to keep in pristine shape, this easy maintenance task is usually worth it. Get started today!

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