An iPhone 13 pink could leave Apple shock your eyes and your wallet


It could be time, finally finally, for a pink iPhone. It would be the biggest color release for an iPhone since the release of original big time colors, in white! It was a big deal at the time, because the apple was just on the edge of the bleeding colors and materials for devices with versions as wide as the iPhone. Now, here in 2021, Apple has everyone from color at your fingertips.

In the last turn of iphone 13 leaks, we have traveled the future of the iPhone in color. If we have a look at what has been published with the main Apple products in recent months, twinned with what Apple did with color in the past, we come to the conclusion that at least one “New” color will come to the next iPhone Liberation.

The iPhone 13 version is expected to exceed its predecessor with color options. The iPhone 12 has been offered in blue, green, red, silver and recently: purple. The 2021 iMac has been published in a variety of colors, including all the colors of the iPhone, plus yellow, orange and pink!

Apple has published an iPhone in yellow before – when the colors dropped with the iPhone 5C. We have never seen a good orange or rose just. Unless you count odd iPods and iPods, and customizations, but that does?

If we glance at the Apple Store online and look for accessories, we see the “Color” selector displays all colors listed above, more gray and brown. It is less likely that Apple frees an iPhone into “Brown” than what they would do something slightly red, like a burned Siena – it would probably be the best for an iPhone 13 Pro.

If Apple publishes an iPhone 13 in pink and / or orange, would you find you unable to avoid finding a way to have said device? Or would it be like the iPhone 12 in violets – just return the way to the possible back to the ultimate color: Slime?

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