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Michel Tomas Green, or better known as Tom Green, is a comedian, crying shows, actors, and filmmakers, but also podcasters and rappers. Since the beginning of his career in the 1990s, Tom has been part of several successful projects that have made it famous throughout Canada and America.

In addition to hosting various radio shows and talks, he also appeared in many Hollywood films such as “Charlie’s Angels,” “road trips,” “broken,” and so on. However, the unique sense of comedy and humor is what places it on the map, and makes its name famous.

Early life 

Green was born in Ontario, Canada, in a city called Pembroke, becoming more appropriate. His mother, Mary Jane, is a communication consultant, and her father, former army captain, is a computer system analyst.

Because of his father’s career in the military, Tom spent his childhood at the Canadian army base, and then in Ottawa. After graduating from high school, he enrolled at Algonquin College, where he chose to learn television broadcasts.

Initial work

We can freely say that Green’s career began during his teenagery. At the age of 15, he began to do stand-up comedy in many clubs, especially in comedy clubs Yuk Yuk. He continued to appear for the next two and a half years until he canceled his show to join his rap group on a tour in New York.

The group’s name is “organizing poetry”, and aka Green is MC Bones. The group meets with light success. Their single is the most famous “Check O.R.” Win a Rap Muchvibe Rap Video award in 1992, and was nominated for the Juno award in 1993.

In addition, during his college period, Tom was also on a number of radio shows called “The Midnight Caller Show” along with Glenn Humplik. Initially, Green had his own show, “The Rap Show,” but after meeting Glenn, whose music show was aired right after Tom, both decided to join the call show.


In 1994, Tom got his own show, “The Tom Green Show” aired until 1996. For two seasons, 50 episodes of one hour aired on Rogers television 22. Every episode consisted of several segments – he would interview guests in the studio, the band would play in front of the audience directly, and there were also green sketches made. He will play action on many people, most usually in his parents, who are not always entertained, to say the least.

One episode aired by CBC in October 1996, and in 1997, the show was picked up by a comedy network, and an additional 26 episodes aired above the two new seasons.

However, not until the show was picked up by MTV in early 1999, was the popularity of green gain not only in the US, but also throughout the world. The concept remained the same, and Green was accompanied by two old friends – Glenn Humplik and Phil Giroux as the same host. 

As before, the comedical action was not always approved by his parents, which is usually the main protagonist. What’s more, he will often draw action on his friends and accommodate humplik, mocking him for keeping his job at a telephone company. On one occasion, Tom even gave a humplik telephone number on a live broadcast. Because of the status of its developing celebrity, it becomes difficult for Green to attract action on people, so he is mostly focused on citizens and tourists.

It didn’t take long for the green role in Hollywood films. As mentioned, some of them included “Charlie’s Angels,” “Steal Harvard,” and “Freddy Fingered.” He wrote and directed the last, and the film won five Golden Raspberry Awards. Tom really appeared at the ceremony and accepted them all, which made him the first player to do it.

In 2003, Green was a guest host who was late with David Letterman, and after this, MTV renewed the show with a new name – Tom Gre was new

Then, in 1985, they released the second album ‘King of Rock’, but the group received their biggest breakthrough after doing a RAP version of Aerosmith’s Smash Hit ‘running like this’. This song is one of the most famous rap songs of all time.

Run-d.m.c broke out in the late 1980s, but reunited again in 1993 to release a new album. Their new album was called by the king, but soon after, they stopped again. Then, again in 2000, they reunited again and released the Royal Crown and went on a tour.

In 2012, group members, Jay Master Jay, were shot and killed. This tragedy was discussed by the group. Run-d.m.c is a second rap group to be installed into the rock and roll of Fame Hall.

Rev run’s net worth 

Rev.’s clean wealth is estimated to be $ 70 million. He has earned his money from his career with run-d.m.c., Which is a very successful group with certified platinum many times. The group also supports Adidas. Some Luck Rev Run comes from the book he wrote in 2008.

In addition, he has emerged many times on TV and has released a very successful solo album. Rev runs live at a $ 5.5 million house located in the prestigious Ridge section of the Saddle River.

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