Oculus Quest V29 Update brings great features to more users


Oculus today announced its V29 software update, which includes new features for the game and the infinite suite of the company. In many ways, this can be considered direct tracking to the big Oculus update launched in February, largely because it develops on multi-user accounts and application sharing features deployed in the implementation. February.

More specifically, multi-user accounts and application sharing will be alive for the owners of the original quest. As we detailed in February, multi-user accounts allow you to associate multiple Oculus accounts with one headphone, while the sharing of applications does what he says about tin in that he Allows you to share some games with all accounts on a device.

These are pretty simple additions, but they are big for households that share a single helmet. Oculus has also added microphone capture when using the pouring of the quest to web features or recording, which means you can finally use the built-in microphone of your headphones to provide comments for your game. Of More than IOS users get a new feature called live superposition, which is a casting and recording functionality that allows you to use your phone’s camera to supervise the video of yourself on this that you look with your helmet.

Oculus V29 also launches new features for Infinite Office, starting with IOS in-helmet notifications. Android users will soon be able to see their phone notifications when using a quest helmet also, but this feature does not launch with V29. A new file application, which can be found in the application library, will allow you to navigate and manage your files locally within VR. Infinite Office also gets a passing environment shortcut that allows you to take a look at what’s going on around you.

Last point, but certainly not the least important is that Oculus says it will start testing ads in the Oculus application. It looks like these advertisements will only publish Oculus content – the idea that it can be difficult for developers to get their product noticed with a growing number of applications and games on the Oculus store – but we are not Not sure that Oculus fans will be too excited about it. Although V29 does not launch today, Oculus says that it was progressively moving in the near future, so we will keep an eye on more.

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