What are The Best Free Load Boards?


So, if you are the type of person who does not like to go for a fixed delivery job then doing it part time with the help of the load boards is the perfect option for you. Not only this with the help of the free load boards you can also easily find ways to earn more money as compared to the regular job. Therefore, in this guide, we will help you in understanding what are the free load boards and how to search for the best jobs through these load boards.

There are millions of load boards out there. All these load boards ask you for a signup charge or subscription money before they provide you the delivery job. But here we will talk about shiply. The load board of shiply doesn’t ask their users for any type of subscription money or signup charge.

How does a free load board work? 

In various load boards, there are various jobs available. On average there is a job posting every 30 seconds on the load board. Therefore, if you are a delivery driver you can take the advantage of these delivery jobs by messaging the concerned person regarding the budget and the other details.

On the load board, all you need to do is search for the appropriate job according to your timings, delivery location, and distance. This will make the work more easy and convenient for you. Once you find the job, you can bid on it and wait for approval. Once it’s is accepted you are good to go and have that good amount of money in your pocket.

What makes the shiply load board the best?

One of the specialties of the shiply load board is that it is completely free of cost. It doesn’t charge any cost on the signup step. Hence, this builds the extra trust of the company with the users. Shiply only charges some amount of money once you get the job approval. It is simply like a commission which seems fair enough by the company. This fee is simply added on top of your quoted amount. Later, this amount is transferred to shiply.

Also, the search feature of the shiply is designed in a very astonishing manner which makes the search process very simple. You can easily browse by your state, locality, timings, and price budget too.

They also collect feedback from the customers regarding the driver’s work, delivery time, and their behavior which is visible to the customers.

Different types of loads available on load boards

Mentioned below are different types of loads available on load boards:

  • Freight load boards
  • Truckload boards
  • Courier load boards
  • LTL load boards
  • Box Truckload boards
  • Power only load board


So dear readers, here are the best types of load boards available on which you can find a variety of jobs and earn a great amount of money as a freelance delivery driver. Also, shiply is considered to be one of the best load boards which are completely free of cost and will provide you with a great variety of free services too.

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