Street photography tours help to explore the city even more


Street photography is something which is mainly done when one is exploring a new city or a new place. In fact, street photography is more acquainted with city photography as one can get more subject to frame on the streets of cities. Each and every city lives by their streets and hence they become an important subject matter when one shows a lot more interest in a street photography.

New Delhi street photography tours mean they are always for people who want to be serious about their photography endeavours. But yes, normal tourists can also be a part of such photography tours if they really feel that they want to explore in the city than doing the regular touristy things like visiting monuments and other popular areas that are visited by most people. Most of the street photo tours happen at the unexplored areas of Delhi and if one wants to do it in other cities then when it comes to India, places like Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Udaipur and Lucknow can be the best places when it comes to street photography. One can explore the lesser known places here like visiting those landmarks which have not been visited by many people often, go to busy market places and see the streets during the busy hours to capture the daily lives of the local city people. Apart from that, one can also take tour of the narrow by lanes of the city and keep observing how people spend each there and what their daily lives look like. So, by ditching the big monuments and other busy tourist areas one can peep on these unexplored areas of the city which tells even more unique stories. But yes, before ending up to a proper street photography tour one has to have all the basic knowledge about street photography so that they can brush up their skills in the tour.

If one is going for a Delhi street photo tour then they can also visit some iconic locations of Old Delhi like the Chandni Chowk, Red Fort, Spice market and many more. One can visit the market places which are always busy and thriving with life in the city along with the old mansions, temples and mosques. When it comes to New Delhi, one can visit the Lodhi Gardens and other wide streets and colonies to get a vibe of a very different lifestyle in the same city.

But one has to select a photo tour very carefully. When one is looking for a photography tour then one needs to check the organisations and how they conduct a photo tour. One also needs to have a look on the guide of the tour. How many years of experiences they have? Are they well versed enough with street photography? Do they know the nooks and corners of the city well? Apart from that, one also needs to enquire that how many people are there in one photography tour. If there are too many people then there is  no point in joining there. Check these crucial points before finalising one.

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