QUORA Falaknuma expresses 12704 timetable and schedule


Falaknuma express 12704 timetable and schedule

There are many types of trains with their distinct names. Have you ever heard about Falaknuma express?  Well, it is the train that runs between Secunderabad and Howrah junctions in India. The train is a superfast express and has been operating with train numbers 12703 and 12704.

Talking about the distance that the train travel is one thousand five hundred forty five kms. The train runs on a good average operating speed of fifty five km/hour. Moreover it just takes twenty six hours and ten minutes to finish the excursion.  If you look into the time table, train 12703 departs Howrah at 07:25 hours and it reaches Secunderabad next day at 09:35 hours. Talking about the other side, train 12704 departs from Secunderabad at 15:55 hours and reaches Howrah at around 17:45 hours next day.

Speaking of Falaknuma express, it has been categorized as a superfast running train that runs in between the places of Howrah Junction and Secunderabad station. The train is basically an absolutely popular and well known train that links up Eastern India to that of Southern part of the country. Rather, it has been popular and extensively been known as one of the lengthiest trains that has been running in between these two cities across the nation. The train has been operating with two train numbers and the numbers are 12703 and 12704. You can also check out the detailed Falaknuma express 12704 timetable and schedule on the official website of Indian railways.

The train has twenty four halts in all and covers the distance of 1544km. the train runs at a speed of 60km/hr and always stay full. Talking about the cleanliness and punctuality of this train; both are excellent. The train is always on time and you would not find any unnecessary mess on the train compartments. You would also find charging facility in the train and make sure that you don’t have to travel without your gadget usage. Moreover, you can also avail the latest facility of e-catering on this train. Yes, if you don’t know about this e-catering thing; it is the concept wherein you can simply place an order online and the food gets delivered to you on the next station. In this way you get the food fresh, hot and absolutely hygienic. In this way you would not have to binge on the cold or stiff food that you packed from your home. Since the journey is quite long, you can avail the fresh food and enjoy your journey to the fullest. And finally, it is important to note that if you are travelling by this train, do booking at least two weeks or month ago. The train booking gets filled in no time because of the busy route.  The condition gets even tight during special festivals and occasions.


Thus, since you know a lot about this train now, you can travel by this train with ease and efficiency. There is no need to worry about anything because this product of Indian railways is really popular and comfortable.

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