Google Io 2021: How to look at India, expected ads and more


The three-day Google Io 2021 developer conference begins tonight. From May 18th to 20th, Google announces several new products through paraside categories, especially Android, Chrome, Google Assistant, Google Apps, and we are also expecting a new launch of hardware products.

Google IO 2021 is happening after two years after the cancellation of the 2020 period due to the pandemic. The Google IO 2021 will start with a key note that will be delivered by the CEO Sundar Pichai. During the Google keys, Sundar Pichai should announce updates on Android 12. Although we did not have confirmed information, we could also see the launch of Pixel Buds A and Google Pixel 5a.

So, if you are a fan of Google Io Event, Android or Google product range, it will be useful to stay awake for a few extra hours as usual. Watch Google Io 2021 Keynote is a fairly simple task.

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How to watch Google Io 2021 from India

In India, Google IO 2021 will begin at 22:30. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube. If you read this early, you can click on the “Define reminder” button and YouTube will inform you as soon as the events start.

Google IO 2021 Expected Ads

This time around Google Io 2021 should bring important advertisements. The beginning of the show will probably be Android 12 because the next Android version should move today, in a public beta format.

In terms of equipment, the Google Pixel 5a is one of the two we are waiting. The pixel 5a will be the successor of the pixel 4a with some improvements. The buds of pixels A will probably be improved on the last wireless listening of the company. A few weeks back, an accidental tweet revealed the existence of buds.

Finally, Wearos is confirmed to get an update at IO 2021. With Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, the 4 Series had to come with Wearos, we expect the many ads on Google’s portable segment.

In addition to the aforementioned products and services, we can expect updates on other applications such as Google Maps, Search, Photos and Google Assistant. Google could also advertise new equipment in the Nids Portfolio.

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