An increase in solar storms could mean disturbances for power grids and satellites


The sun is constantly cycling that find that the number of solar storms increases and decreases. A few days ago, a massive solar storm broke out on the surface of the sun that congratulated millions of tons of super-heated gases on the surface of the sun in the direction of the Earth. This type of eruption is called coronal mass ejection and on a cosmic scale, this eruption was not particularly powerful.

However, this does not take a particularly powerful solar storm for causing notable results on earth. When the material ejected from the surface of the sun struck the magnetic field surrounding the earth, it triggered the stronger geomagnetic storm for years. Since the solar storm was not particularly powerful, most people probably did not know that it happened.

However, the meaning of the storm is that it has marked the fact that the sun penetrates into a period of activity more activity after being essentially asleep for many years. The geomagnetic waves of solar storms can interrupt power networks, jam radio communications, lead to hazardous radiation levels for air crews and disrupt critical satellites.

The sun has 11-year cycles and its increased business cycle was launched in 2020. The cycle reached its peak in 2025 with the possibility of a bad space time that causes problems here on Earth. Interestingly, a study has recently been published that has shown a hardening of the electric grid in the United States could lead to savings of $ 27 billion to the US electricity industry.

Solar weather can have a significant impact on life on earth. Scientists point until 2017 when a solar storm brought radios of ham to become static, just like hurricane Irma struck the Caribbean. In 2015, a solar storm quoted GPS systems in the northeastern United States. The most significant solar storm occurred in 1859 and is known as the Carrington event and saw electrified telegraph lines, which leads to operators who are shocked and fires in offices in America. North and Europe. A storm of this magnitude today could leave millions or billions of people without power.

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