Western diet, not high IMC, can feed irritable intestinal disease


Eating a typical Western diet, which is rich in sugar and fat, can lead to major changes to intestinal immune cells that open the way to irritable intestine disease (IBD), a chronic condition that can be painful and have a negative effect on his life. The study involved mice, including some with genetic mutations that pushed them to eat too much.

The Western regime is generally high in salt, sugar and fat, with excessive meat consumption and too many processed products. The potential impact of this health food has been widely studied and associated with things such as the increased risk of cancer and cardiac disease. The same scheme can also put a risk at risk of developing an IBD.

The new research comes from the School of Medicine at the University of Washington, where researchers have found that humans and mice feed a high fat food and sugar had intestinal abnormal immune cells called paneth cells. The anomaly puts the gastrointestinal tract at an increased risk of inflammation, key element of inflammatory intestinal diseases.

The study revealed that the highest person’s BMI, plus panetholic cells were damaged. However, additional exploration of this mouse use revealed that the BMI is not driving factor behind this malfunction, but rather a high fat and sugar diet, whose overconsumption is the main cause of obesity In humans.

You develop a healthy diet did not result in abnormal panning cells in High BMI mice, but it led to damaged cells in mice that survived a feed where 40% of the calories come from sugar and grease. The good news is that the paneth cells have returne

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