It’s Nearly Kick-Off Season! How to Watch Euro 2021 Live


After the coronavirus put a short stop to many football fans’ dreams of a cracking tournament in 2020, the season is yet again upon us. Thankfully, die-hard sports fans will be able to watch the postponed tournament in 2021 as the Euros have finally been given the green light!

Here we cover the basics of streaming the beautiful game this year, and a review of three top matches to watch.

Three of the key matches to watch this soccer season

The Euros only come along once every four years, so you want to keep your finger on the pulse of the key matches. Here are our suggestions for Euro 2021’s must-watch games:

France versus Portugal

It’s going to be bitter. Portugal and its star player Ronaldo lost 10 consecutive games to France, before coming back to win during extra time in the 2016 Euro final match. France has gone on to make some impressive wins since then, and the rivalry between these two teams continues.  Will Portugal come out as the victor or will France take the chance to regain its Euro win against Portugal? Either way, this is a battle we don’t want to miss!

Turkey versus Italy

Not only is the Turkey v. Italy match the first game of the Euros in 2021, but it has been a full 20 years since these two teams have met on the field and gone head to head. This match is a must-see for both those reasons, not to mention keeping an eye out for Italy’s always impressive midfield players.

Scotland versus England

There’s no doubt about it, these two teams have been at each other’s throats for as long as football has been played in the United Kingdom. Years of long-standing rivalry (both in football and in other matters) always brings an added element to a football match, and this game will prove no different. Scotland re-enters the Euros for the first time since 1996, and they’ll be looking to make their mark against the English team. So who will triumph in this loaded fight?

Streaming options: Get Euro 2021 live in your home

Travel restrictions and limits on the number of spectators allowed in the stadiums mean that most fans will have to watch from home. But there could be worse things than kicking back for kick-off on the sofa!

There are two broad options to stream the 2021 Euros. First, you could pay for a dedicated sports channel like Sky Sports that will offer all the matches, or sign up for a free VPN trial and then use your Virtual Private Network to skirt geolocation blocks and watch matches on national TV channels.

If you go with the second option, you will use your VPN (Virtual Private Network) to change the server location and then access local on-demand streaming. For example, if a match is being shown on an Italian channel, you switch your VPN to an Italian server. Because VPNs mask your device’s IP address and therefore true geographic location, you can get access to free channels that offer live streams of the matches.

For the 2021 Euros, try the following channels:

  • France: M6 and TFI
  • UK: ITV and BBC
  • Germany: ARD and ZDF
  • Italy: RAI

Find UEFA’s official full match schedule here and start planning your Euros season!

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