Advantages of unexpected pandemic locking for people with IBS


A recently published study reveals a surprising advantage that CIVID-19 lock offers IBS people: their symptoms have improved during residence-home orders. It was in the face of the expected result, according to the researchers, who provided that patient symptoms would be worse during this stressful period, as well.

The research comes from the Buenos Aires University, where scientists have studied the impact of COVID-19 locations out of a total of 129 IBS patients. The data had already been collected on these patients before the Pandemic Lock in Argentina started, giving researchers the opportunity to contrast information with the survey data collected during the lease.

The participants completed the online survey during the lock, answering the questions that shed light on things like their levels of depression and anxiety, as well as their IBS symptoms, among others. Despite the Locking of Argentina having been one of the longest enacted by a country, the study revealed that many patients experienced a significant improvement in their condition.

For example, the number of participants who have experienced serious IBS symptoms from 65. The collective gravity scale for participants has also dropped 66 points, and participants reported improvements such as anxiety. , distension, pain, chronic fatigue, etc. The researchers say that these conclusions emphasize the influence that the brain has on the intestine.

The main author of the Juan Pablo Stefanolo, MD, said:

One of our main hypotheses was that these patients would be worse because of the pressure and stress due to COVID-19. We think the results have something to do with people stay at home. They were not exposed to stress outside and at home, they could avoid food triggers.

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