Shiny Pokémon Go Altaria Raid Counters and Best Attacks


From May 15, 2021, Mega Altaria appeared in Pokemon Go! This Pokemon can appear as a shiny Pokémon on its capture screen – but you must first get there with a Win raid first! To do this, you want to know some details on Altaria and how it can be defeated in the battle. If you head to a raid battle with Mega Altaria, you can not do it alone!

A mega raid with Altaria will include a monster with a dragon breath or a picture for its rapid movement. Good luck come out of the way from one or the other! The possibilities of invoiced displacement include the dragon pulse, the dazzling light and the attack of the sky. You may be fighting a Pokémon of all-dragon displacement here – or all Sky movements!

Non-mega raid counters, non-shadow

If you plan to overcome Altaria, the best non-shadow, non-mega raid counters are metal, poison and ice cream. MetaqGross with punch chip and Meteor Mash is the best monster of the task. You can also use a Galarian Darma with Fang Ice and Avalanche. Mamoswine with snow powder and avalanche will also do a fairly decent job.

If you want to ride with poison, we recommend that you drop with roserade with a poison bomb and a sludge bomb. Otherwise, you should probably stay with metal pokemon with metal movements. The Dialga with the metal claw and the head of iron, or GeneSect with the metal claw and the magnetic bomb are superior choices.

Mega or Shadow Pokemon Raid Countertops

As it is with non-mega, non-shadow, so it’s true that the best pokemon of the task is Metagross! If you have a metagross shadow with punch ball and Meteor Mash, you are in business! If you want to try ice, go for Shadow Mamoswine with powder snow and avalanche. A Mewtwo shadow will go around with the psycho-cut cut and the ice beam. The last choice we have for the Pokemon shadow against Altaria is the shadow keptby, with charm and spleen glare.

If you have either Mega Gengar or Mega Beedrill, you are also in business against Altaria. Ideally, your mega gengar will have a bomb at the license and sludge. Your ideal Mega Beedrill will have a poison bomb and a sludge bomb.

Team size

If you fall on Altaria with a crew, you will want to pulling ideally between 3 and 6 friends. The Boss CP raid on this Pokemon is 44306 – it’s not a joke! Once you have defeated Altaria, you will find a CPC CP between 1081 and 1145, with BOOSTED

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