Do WhatsApp Bulk Message Service lead to Increase Sales?

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If we were to ask a random person if they had WhatsApp on their phone, the answer would most likely be a yes. That is the extent to which the app is being used by people around the world. The app currently has more than 1.5 billion users across the globe. New users are joining the app every day to stay connected with their loved ones.

WhatsApp has replaced text messages to a major extent. SMS usage has almost become restricted to the notifications and messages we get from business enterprises. Even businesses are moving over to WhatsApp. Apart from having the highest response rate, WhatsApp allows enterprises and customers to have one to one interaction with ease. The end to end encryption provides additional data security for private messages.

Enterprises can send messages only to those users who are listed in the contacts of the enterprise. It is important for businesses to have a vast database of user phone numbers so that they can effectively use WhatsApp as a marketing tool.

There are many ways to collect the phone number of customers and the target audience. It is advisable to take the proper route so that users do not get annoyed or feel that their privacy has been violated by the enterprise.

Asking for prior permission to send messages, conducting contests or encouraging users to initiate a communication on WhatsApp with the business is a good way to build the database. Sharing the WhatsApp contact number of the enterprise with advertisements, on social media, etc. will encourage customers to contact the enterprise directly on the app. Many customers feel that their queries will reach the right person (s) through this app, and prefer to use WhatsApp to communicate with the businesses.

There are many ways to use WhatsApp and generate sales. One such feature is the WhatsApp bulk message service. Many companies provide bulk message packages to enterprises to send unlimited messages to users using the app.

WhatsApp Business is an app developed for business enterprises to effectively interact with users all over the world. The app has additional features that have been designed to help enterprises create and build a presence by using the app.

Here are some of the ways in which WhatsApp Business can be used to increase sales and promote brand loyalty.

  • Create Broadcast Lists
    • One message can be sent to 256 contacts with a single click. Isn’t it an easy method to send messages to customers?
    • Using a feature called Labels, enterprises can create lists of contacts under various categories.
    • When promoting a product, they will simply have to select the label and broadcast the message to everyone on the list.
    • Categorize customers based on their product preferences and send them updates about any new releases or offers related to the product.
  • Link Website to WhatsApp
    • Including a share button on the website will enable users to share the information directly on WhatsApp with a single click.
    • Customers who check the website regularly will be able to share interesting information with their friends using the button.
    • Ask customers if they want to receive updates directly to their WhatsApp. When customers subscribe to the option, it will add more phone numbers to the database.
    • It is important to ensure that the quality of the content being shared or promoted through WhatsApp is maintained so that customers do not regret their choice.
    • Sending too many promotional messages, contacting customers without reasons are the quickest ways to lose them.
  • Improved Customer Service
    • WhatsApp has made it easier for customers to share their complaints directly with the enterprises. They also expect a response from the enterprises in decent time.
    • Using the feature of Quick replies enterprises can send standard template messages to users. Responding to basic queries will take no more than a few seconds as the reply would already have been saved.
    • Messages that a representative from the enterprise will respond soon, or that they are ‘currently unavailable’, etc. can also be shared using the feature.
    • Chatbots can be used to send automated messages to users when the customer support staff is not available during the non-working hours. Large businesses that opt for WhatsApp API integration use chatbots to keep track of customer messages and respond to them.
    • Small and medium businesses can set their working hours on WhatsApp Business so that customers will know when they can expect a response.
    • Use the interactive interface of the app to ask for more details and identify the root cause of the complaint.
    • This will help in reducing the number of complaints from customers as the main issue can be addressed.

WhatsApp can be used in many ways to build a loyal customer base and improve customer retention.

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