Emma Watson Net Worth 2021 – How Rich Emma Watson?


Emma Watson is one of the biggest Hollywood stars, she is also a model and activist. Emma was born in Paris, France and grew up in England. He became famous as a child after playing the role of Hermione Granger in the film Harry Potter, but it was only one of the important projects. He continued to build his career after Harry Potter and performed great in all the films he played so far.

Thanks to his hard work, he was close to being the most paid actress of 2019. The network is estimated to be worth around $ 70 million.

Early life 

His full name is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson and he was born on April 15, 1990, in Paris, the capital of France. His mother and father were from England and both were lawyers. They divorced when Emma was 5 years old. After they separated, Emma and her younger brother went to live in Oxfordshire, England, with their mother. In Oxfordshire Emma went to the Stagecoach theater art school, where she studied singing, acting and dancing.

After winning in a poetry competition when he was only 7 years old, everyone paid attention to his talent. Theater teachers help him contact the agent who needs a young talent for their new film inspired by the Harry Potter novel series. He had to play Hermione’s role when he was only 9 years old, which made him a celebrity around the world. He acted as a friend and the sound of Harry Potter’s reason, and it was his first professional role.

From Harry Potter to Stardom

The film Harry Potter and stone philosophers was published in 2001 and it was the appearance of the film’s film. After a short time, this film became the best-selling film this year and produced more than $ 33.3 million in the US. He got a large number of fans and won a young artist award for leading young actresses. Harry Potter and secret rooms are the next films where he performs well too.

After all the other films of this series he is better, more mature, a successful Hollywood actress. He was part of the Harry Potter project for a decade, from 2001. Until 2011, but this does not mean he did not appear in another film. Other Emma films are BBC 2007 film ballet shoes, 2013 is a bling ring, this is the end and colony and regression, both in 2015 and newer beauty and animals are great successes.

Modeling career

Emma Watson is also a good model. He began his modeling career in 2005. When he took a photo shoot for Vogue teens.

After that, he became the face of Burberry 2009. The autumn / winter collection, and spring / spring 2010 collection. He received a great profit from these two projects. Emma became a Lancome face and collaborated with the tree of people when she made her own lines.

Home and car

Emma Watson prefers to keep her life more personal. His house is located in New York, he has a luxury apartment which is expected to cost around $ 15 million. If you are wondering about the car he usually drives, it is a Prius, Audi S3 and Escalade Cadillac.

Her Net Worth Over Time

For his role of Hermione Granger, he earns between $ 15 and $ 20 million every year. He has an opinion that investing in Bitcoin can save our money from Cybercriminals. Bitcoin is a trend among familiar personalities and getting knowledge of how trade will help you in future plans. Look at this Bitcoin slit review that speaks in detail about automatic trading software.

In 2010, Emma was known as the highest paid actress in Hollywood, because she got more than $ 27 million.

Watson’s net wealth in 2012 was more than $ 34 million, $ 48 million in 2013, $ 52 million in 2014. Today, an estimated $ 70 million.

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