How to choose an affordable sofa for drawing room


A sofa set is a good portion for living room or drawing room and people should buy the one, which is durable and also comes under their budget. One such option is a wooden sofa, which should be well polished to protect from termites. People should inspect the interior of their room along with other items like curtains, flooring, etc. and choose furniture that will have matching or contrasting color. Here are some tips, which people should consider while buying furniture under budget.

The frame should be thoroughly

People should check the frame of the sofa as it is one of the important things to be checked for a long-lasting sofa. If the furniture is made with pine wood, it may deteriorate within five years. Sofas made with oak, ash, or beech wood are little costlier but their life is very long. People should not choose any frame made with plastic, or metal as they can crack in the long run. The legs should be tightened with the help of screws. If the legs are attached with glue, the sofa should not be purchased.

In order to test the frame, people should lift it from the front or side. After lifting one leg, check the other. If the second leg is not lifted, it can be considered that the sofa is weak

Joints in the frame

Another thing to be considered in the frame is the joints. Various parts of the frame like legs, sitting places, back, etc. are joined by various means, which include wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, double wooden dowels, brackets, or metal screws. In order to add extra reinforcement, nails or staples can be used. People would check whether the whole sofa is joined only by stables, nails, and glue. Such sofas are very weak and should not be purchased. In order to check the joints, the customer should ask the salesman about written manufacturer information or ask him to tell all the details about the frame and its joints.

Spring test

Many sofas consist of springs. The springs are very supportive in nature but can get damaged with time. The pricier sofas have eight-way hand-tied spring, which provides comfort to the people. The disadvantage is that they are very expensive. The springs are passed through the upholstery. People should check the springs with the help of upholstery. If there are no springs on a sofa, it will not provide any comfort to the user.

To check whether there is a spring or not in the sofa, a buyer should sit on its corner. If he feels creaks and squeaks, it means that springs are not placed perfectly and the sofa is not comfortable.

Fillings in the upholstery

Foam made up of polyurethane is of Los coast. Its maintenance is also easy. If people want to buy furniture having more durable foam, they can go for the sofa having high-density foam. This foam is a little expensive but it will provide more comfort and durability. Another inexpensive thing is polyester but it also gets damaged with time. If the upholstery is filled with the feathers of goose and duck, it can provide comfort but they also deteriorate easily. The best option for upholstery is high resilient foam and conventional foam. These are little pricier bit will last long without the need for any maintenance.

Tough fabric

If people want a sofa for daily use, they need the one whose upholstery is made up of tough and durable fabric. Some popular fabrics include cotton and linen but these can be damaged easily. Synthetic fibers are another option. They are stain-resistant and can be used for long. Cotton and linen are stained easily and it is very difficult to clean them. One more thing to consider is the type of pattern. Woven patterns get loosened easily in comparison to the printed ones.


These are some of the tips, which people can consider while buying an affordable sofa. If a little more money is spent, a healthy, durable, and comfortable sofa can be bought. People should take care of joints, upholstery, and fabric while purchasing the furniture.

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