There are generally visible signs that you’ve obtained termites in your wall surfaces. One of the most usual is mud packaging, as well as it’s an instantly recognisable indication of a future termite problem. Gurgling paintwork is one more certain indication you might have trouble with termites. One more sign is if you hear “faint crackling” sounds coming from your walls at night. This could quite possibly be termites.


We typically get phone calls from homeowners telling us that they have uncovered what seems a “mud stack” or “sloppy spot” behind a tv cabinet or furniture piece. When termites discover an appropriate source of food in your home, they’ll build what’s referred to as a sub-nest.

Termites build a sub-nest as a halfway house in your house in between where they’re situated and also the central nest. These sub nests consist of countless termites and even a great deal of mud and moisture.

This is an extreme example; the majority of property owners discover mud discolouration and finding on the wall before it reaches this stage. However, property owners ought to check behind cupboards, beds as well as various other furnishings regularly. The quicker you detect any possible issues, the much better.


Discolouration generally appears as a brownish, wet stain on locations of the plasterboard. If you’re concerned that you may have termites, take a good very close look at the damaged area. If termites are there, it will generally be a prominent location, regarding the dimension of a football, and also be composed of hundreds as well as little brown dots or acnes. The discolouration creates as the mud begins to leak through the plasterboard.


Several of the top places homeowners find termites is within the skirting boards, door frames, or home window frames. Hardwood utilised in these locations are typically softer than the hardwood used for architectural beams and also the framework, as well as commonly its these locations that show the initial indications of prospective troubles.

What we usually see are property owners doing their vacuuming, as well as they’ll bump the skirting boards or door structures with the vacuum and also the lumber will give way. The termites have eaten in restaurants the timber entirely, leaving a slim layer of paint behind. Essentially the framework is a hollow space composed of just paint.

Another sign could be if you start to have trouble when opening up or closing windows or you start to discover interior doors that are sticking. As the timber is gnawed it begins to flex, warp as well as sag, causing abnormalities. One more reason for bending hardwood is the mud that termites excrete as they consume the wood.

There are also often audible signs you have termites in your house get services from Termite Reticulation Systems, yet they are subtler than the mudpacks.


Termites are incredibly active, with some varieties being somewhat aggressive. This can often imply they’ll make a fair bit of sound within the walls. What this sounds like is unique. We define it as being very comparable to the audio of milk being poured over a bowl of rice bubbles. House owners commonly say they’ll hear this sound originating from the walls at night, but that’s just since the rest of the residence is quieter at this time.

If you’re hing on the bed and also you listen to a faint ticking sound coming from the walls, what you’re hearing is likely termite task. It’s always best to give us a call if you have any uncertainty of termites in your wall surfaces as we utilise innovative tooling, equipment and also technology to check for, moisture, activity and task. We can find the presence of termites long before mud stains start to leak through your plaster which naturally avoids any costly damages.


When we examine your house, we’ll perform an aesthetic evaluation outside as well as inside of the residential property. We’ll be seeking mud routes and also stains, or various other early signs that termites may be present. The concern with termites is that they move continuously looking for food sources. By the time you discover indicators of termites within the washing or shower room, you may have extensive issues somewhere else within the home without you also understanding it. We’ll check the whole residence inside and out, from top to bottom, in an initiative to detect as well as situate any locations where there could be termite inspection task.

Many items of washing and also shower rooms are tiled, with some tiled from the floor to the ceiling. This makes finding termites hard for the house owner naturally as the termites may have entirely eaten in restaurants the framework and also plasterboard behind the tiles without any indications of activity. By the time you start to see visible indicators of the task, the area behind the tiling could be wholly hollowed out.

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