There are many things necessary for living and maintaining modern life style. One of the most important thing is electricity. Invention of electricity was one of the greatest achievement for the mankind. It has change the human life style in many ways. To charge the smart phones, you need electricity. To use any kitchen appliance, you need electricity. Fans, bulbs, air conditioners, geysers and many more electric appliances without which the modern lifestyle is incomplete needs electricity to perform their function. So the dependency is more on electricity nowadays. Not only electricity is useful for home purposes but it is very much necessary for various industries, factories and offices.  Machinery installed in them requires electricity to perform their work. The electricity is like fuel to these appliances.

Now the question arises that how this electricity comes to our houses, so that all these electric gadgets can work. The answer to this is wires and cables that transmit the electricity from main sources and distribute to the different users like users at home, industries, factories and offices. To distribute the electricity more safely, basically services wire for home are used. These wires are made up of copper. As we all have studied that copper is good conductor of electricity. These wires are either covered with rubber  to protect from any damage or electric shock. These wires come in different sizes and materials, which can be used in various conditions. Even these service wires come in wide range of prices as well. The price of it depends upon the quality of material that is used in the manufacturing of the wire.

Various types of service wires are as follows:

  • Single conductor wires: These are most commonly used wires, which can be easily found out in many electronics like smart phones charger. These wires are flexible and are basically used where they have to run long.
  • Multi conductor Cables: These wires are basically used behind the walls of the houses and offices, so that it can handle heavy electronic appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, etc.
  • Metal Clad Cable: These wires are usually made up of aluminum, that contains live and neutral wire. These wires are mostly used in industries as they are able to bear heavy loads and even it reduces the fire risk. These wires are expensive because of the heavy wires used in its manufacturing.

There are different wires available in the market. Many companies are engaged in manufacturing of these cable wires. There are many copper wire manufactures in the market and even demand for these type of wire is more in demand. Innovation is there in everything market. More innovative the product is, more cable is the product to attract more customers. Even the modern lifestyle is dependable on these innovations and new products. In comparison with the earlier times, now these wire have become more reliable and strong that can even bear the heavy loads. And even these wire provide more safety. Without these wires, we cannot take the benefit of the electricity. How electricity has changed the life of people.

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