VLSI- A Way to Success


Today, we are living in a world where a person is open to do any kind of job. There are no limitations while choosing a job one wants to do. If we talk about engineering, it is vast. One can go for Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electronics Engineering. And here in this piece, we will talk about VLSI Engineering (Very-large-scale integration).

Firstly, we will talk about what exactly, VLSI is. It is a process of making an integrated circuit with the help of millions of transistors on a single chip. With the creation of these chips and system design applications, the electronics industry witnessed remarkable growth. It has increased the usage of integrated circuits in high-performance computing, controls, telecommunications, image & video processing, and consumer electronics.

Before the invention of the VLSI, many of the ICs were bounded with limited functions. Where an electronic circuit is typically made up of a CPU, ROM, RAM and other essential things on one board, VLSI allows the IC designers to include all of this on a single chip.

As one starts the making of VLSI, the first thing to be kept in mind is the specifications, which includes the working, interface, and the structure of the digital IC circuit to be devised. Then comes the behavioral description to know well about the design. The last thing is the RTL description that is done with the help of HDLs. It is simulated to check the functionality.

Now when we talk about the future of Very-large-scale integration in India, it is great. There are certain issues with VLSI but as the research continues, the problems seem to be resolving, making the field more matured. As the studies in this field are being carried out, soon there will be a time when we will reach the optical limit of photolithographic processes ahead of which the feature size will not reduce in order to maintain the accuracy.

To talk about its advantages, it has mainly decreased the size of the circuits to occupy a smaller area and increased the working speed of the circuits. This technology has then reduced the cost of the devices. VLSI needs less power than discrete components and it is highly reliable.

Now you know, what Very-large-scale integration is and what is its future and how it is useful. And after gaining a little bit knowledge about this growing filed, if you are willing to make your career in this, you should go ahead with applying for the courses which will make you master in this sector. There are many VLSI coaching centers in Bangalore which gives theoretical and practical knowledge about it to the students. Once you are done with the learning process, there is a huge scope of VLSI in Bangalore and you can get a suitable job for yourself. So, don’t think and get yourself enrolled for a VLSI course in Bangalore. This certainly is a wise decision.

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