Food is necessary for living. To make food you should know how to cook food. Food can be any. If it is cooked well, it becomes delicious. Now a days youngsters are so busy in their studies and  jobs that they don’t know how to cook food. In earlier days, girls used to learn cooking from their mothers and grandmothers. But now the scenario has changed. A new trend is coming in the market is the cooking classes. In these cooking classes, from basic food to international cuisines everything is taught. Many famous chefs have opened Indian cooking classes. Not only chefs but some of the ladies who know cooking well are taking initiative to open the cooking classes for girls.

It can’t be fair to say that cooking is only the work of girls or ladies. Even many boys who have interest in the cooking also join the cooking classes. As India is land of many cultures. India have 29 states and every state has its own famous food. Now people are fond of eating different varieties of food.  People try to learn the food of different states like Punjabi food, South Indian food, Bengali food, etc. Even many people wishes to learn the international cuisines like Chinese food, continental food, Mexican food, etc. People from different countries come to join India cooking classes. They wish to learn how these Indian species gives flavors to the food. Many of the international chefs come to India, learn how to cook Indian food and even they make many cookery shows on them.

If you want to start a cooking class, you first of all need to become expert in cooking. You should have some experience in teaching food to your friends or family. You should also have a detailed knowledge about cooking food. Even you should be able to answer to the queries of the students to whom you are going to teach. Secondly you should keep in mind that, whatever you know the best, only that you should teach. You should be able to give some useful tips to the students.

These cooking classes charge according to the food you want to learn. Indian cuisines are charged with less prices on the other hand international cuisines are charged with high prices. Even the ingredients involved in international cuisines are also expensive. With the advancement in technology, these cooking classes are also available online. It has made easier for the people to learn different cuisines from anywhere. It is good to learn how to cook food. You have to first of all learn the basic cooking. If you are able to cook basic food, only then you will be able to make different kinds of food. It is rightly said, to win someone’s heart, serve him with delicious food. As per our Indian customs, girls should learn how to cook before their marriage. This is also one of the reason that the cooking classes are also very famous in India. Because every mother wants that her daughter should learn how to cook different varieties of food. As the time is changing both girls and boys should learn how to cook food.

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