Want to deal in share market? Get a demat account first


For everyone, income is very important as one can live with peace of mind only if he has sufficient money and good income. Many times one may try well in job or business but does not get the income which he needs, and in such case, it is much required for him to generate some additional income. The share market offers a good chance to such people who want to have some side income with little risk and investment in the market. However, while thinking for this option, one needs to check the risk and return ratio first as everything that glitter does not mean it is gold.

Get the right option:

In this market, one can find various options available. One needs to scrutinize each of them and get to the option that proves most effective in terms of income and investment as well as risk. Before going for trading in any of the avenues, one needs to find the best demat account in India because as per the regulators of the market to have a demat account is mandatory for everyone whether he wants to trade in the market or invest.

Find the best account:

Here one may feel confused about how to find the best demat account in India as almost every broker or company offers similar features only when one asks to open a demat account. This is very true as far as the reality in the market is concerned. However, one can research for the same on the internet and compare the demat accounts offered by various companies or brokers. Such a comparison can help one get the best deal in the market where he may get an account free for lifetime also.

The account and its use:

For many of the new entrants in this field, this account proves mysterious. They don’t know that the shares they invest in need to park in this account only. In case one goes for the purchase of the same from the open market and wants to hold them for the long term also, he needs to keep the shares in this account only. In case one wants to sell the shares from this account, he needs to transfer them in trading account first. Hence the use of this account is also as good as the bank account. One can know the account situation from the statement of this account and to move the shares to trading account one has to feel the depository slip also.

The demat account process can be done through any of the stockbroking company or share broker, but the account opening authority is with two entities, only which are NSDL and CDSL. There is also a specific time limit within which these authorities need to open the account if the form is in order and with all the relevant documents. Getting a demat account opened is the first step that one needs to take while one plans to trade in this market.

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