Explore Some of the Best Instagram Analytics Tools to Use in 2019


Today you have access to a host of amazing Instagram analytics tools for driving much-improved results. Instagram has already been focusing on the expansion of its marketing options and as such, the number of businesses on Instagram has gone up from just 11.5 percent in 2013 to almost 32.3 percent in 2015. As per https://sproutsocial.com, Instagram has been forecasted to account for approximately ¼ of the ad revenue from Facebook by the end of 2019. Moreover, we understand that Instagram brought somewhere between $8 and $9 billion in terms of advertising revenue in 2018 alone. Instagram’s ad revenue is all set to grow and by 2020 it is forecasted to bring 30 percent of the total ad revenue.

Instagram is supposed to be one of the most popular and most effective social media platforms for advertising. As per the findings of a Forrester report, the brand engagement on Instagram seems to be 84 times higher as compared to Twitter, 10x higher as compared to the Facebook and 54 times higher as compared to Pinterest. There are numerous Instagram analytics tools for helping businesses what precisely resonates with their targeted audience and effective ways of optimization of their content output. Here are some of the most effective Instagram analytics tools to take your business to the next level.


Quintly is supposed to be an amazing dashboard tool which would be covering numerous social networks. It has a standard dashboard which could be custom-tailored with widgets to cater to your unique requirements and to keep track of the metrics crucial to your business. Quintly provides effective Instagram analytics for your followers relating to your profile, as well as, competitor profiles with comprehensive follower statistics. You could successfully analyze all your Instagram content including the details associated with filter usage and interactions triggered by your videos and picture posts. Quintly is also, known to cover other social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

Brandwatch Analytics

Brandwatch Analytics is known to be an effective social listening product which could be transformed into a robust Instagram analytics tool. There are already set-up channels and you simply need to plug in your Instagram account to get invaluable data on a broad spectrum of stuff. Right from mention and interactions to follower count, you could have constant access to this data along with monitoring all your top posts on Instagram. Moreover, you could consider using and taking advantage of Brandwatch Analytics’ effective and powerful dashboards and some other components, segmenting by emotion and sentiment, and integrating it with all other data sources. You could now buy инстаграм накрутка лайков to boost your overall follower count.


Socialbakers comes up with an Instagram analytics tool that comes for free. You could consider creating your dashboards. However, the trial period seems to be quite limited with the free version. You could keep track of your most used hashtags, top posts, tagged accounts, general statistics on follower count and the number of posts. You could monitor reach, impressions, and interactions.

The most crucial benefit of this Instagram analytics tool is that you could build your specific dashboards while the User Interface is simple-to-use and easy to navigate. This tool may not be incredibly in-depth but seems to be pretty effective for insight and effective analysis of the highest order.


Social media seems pretty simple and straightforward. You must understand what precisely your target audience is looking for. Moreover, you must deliver. You must necessarily give to them what they are looking for. This could be pretty challenging. But you could relax if you are using the most suitable and effective tools that tell you precisely what your target audience seems to be interested in. Use one or more of these effective Instagram analytics tools for being on the right track to success.

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