Where does Barrino fantasia live and what is the value of the house?


Fantasia Barrino is an American alum who has succeeded in building an impressive career in the entertainment industry after her time in reality television competition. He has gathered the following from millions of fans, forming a special relationship with fellow Bintang Tyler Perry, and carrying an impressive amount of money.

As for his personal life, in April 2020, he seemed to enjoy his time in a residence that deserves to be imitated which featured the fireplace of a blue fire and marble walls, as well as the outside area featuring a large park front overlooking the street lined street. Like a backyard that has a swimming pool and a closed lounge for maximum relaxation.

However, Barrino also faced difficulties. In addition to suffering, and fortunately surviving, overdose, the singer was destroyed in February 2018 “after learning that his older nephew Tyquan was shot dead in his hometown in North Carolina,” According to Ambiente. In addition, the star has suffered more than one difficult situation in terms of serious financial losses related to real estate at high prices.

Fantasia Barrino sold his last house at a price of less than what he paid

La Casa de Fantasia Barrino en Charlotte, Nc Realtor

Putting your money into real estate is an investment that is not always worth it. Fantasia Barrino is a celebrity who can prove that fact. When the singer sold Charlotte, North Carolina came home in 2018, he suffered a serious financial blow. While he bought a house in 2004, the same year he got American Idol – for $ 740,000, he only managed to sell it for $ 465,000, perhaps due to the fact that he “needed a broad renovation,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

‘Manor House’, located in the ‘golf course area’, has a brick exterior and black window leaves, giving ‘traditional taste’. Sitting on “Half hectare of land like a park,” inside, there are 4,541 square feet of space to be enjoyed, including four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, “two bonus rooms” and music rooms. The main bedroom, which is located at the main level, featured a sauna, while the fifth bedroom was converted into a walk-in closet. Anyone who is lucky enough to destroy the house must respect the fact that it also has a closed terrace that seems to be “[E] essential in Buggy buildings”.

While it sounds pretty good, realtor.com notes that fantasia “wants [ed] fast sale”, which is possible because the star has faced difficult efforts to download expensive houses in the past.

Students ‘American Idol’ was forced to reverse their old house to the bank

Fantasia Barrinobennett Raglin / Getty Images

When Fantasia Barrino sold his house for losses in 2018, it was not the first time he faced unfavorable results when it came to lowering the price of an expensive residence. However, when binti tried to sell “North Carolina Mansion,” TMZ, could not find buyers for the house of about 6,500 square feet “unexported architecture-style styles” which have 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and the location “front pond” inside Development of exclusive glynmoor lakes in Charlotte, “according to varieties.

Barrino found himself facing the possibility of confiscation on property in 2009, two years after buying it. However, TMZ explained that he “dodged the bullet at 12 noon.” Then he tried to sell the house in 2012 “with prices starting at $ 800,000 … $ 500,000 less than [$ 1.3 million] he paid. Ouch! Things are getting more painful when, in 2013, the singer hasn’t succeeded in lowering the house. So he is »walk [ED] go for zero dollars … by signing it at a bank«.

Meanwhile, it means that he can avoid the official foreclosure process, it also means that he loses all the money he put into a mass residence. Hopefully, your future real estate purchases are not as heavy as and finally pay.

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