Tips to cruise through Airport Security

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You know what is the worst that can happen to you on the day of your travel? Getting delayed for your flight because of the security check bottlenecks. As a veteran traveller, you are no stranger to first-time travellers fumbling with their pocket change to get past security or the freelancer who has a ton of gadgets in their backpack that needs to be checked and rechecked multiple times.

If you are a frequent flyer, then transiting through the airport is one of the most annoying things about travel. However, don’t worry because in this article we will share some helpful tips that will make it a lot easier and faster for you to fly next time.

Prepare all your paperwork

Losing your boarding pass or your passport at a busy airport is a real possibility, no matter how careful you are. It is very common for people to lose their important documents in the rush to get things going. So, what can you do to avoid being in this sticky situation? For starters, consider buying a passport holder that will keep all your other documents separated from your other papers and help you get through security line faster, without having to fish for it in your deep backpack, or worse, lose it!

Choose your security line carefully

Don’t join the shortest line just yet because a short line does not always mean that you will get through quickly. Look for a line made up of business people or professionals. They usually have fewer items and get through security much quicker than a line made up of kids or senior citizens. A simple tip is to look for lines in the far left or right as the travellers often walk straight ahead, making the existing line longer.

Wear easy clothing

This will not only keep you comfortable throughout your travel but also help you get through security faster. How? Because you will not have to waste time taking off your shoes and belt as you walk through the metal detector. While you are waiting in line, you can also start collecting your items in the tray, take off your jewellery, jacket etc. Believe it or not, this simple exercise can save you a few precious minutes that you can use to reach your departure gate, enjoy some coffee while you wait, make a quick trip to the washroom etc. Avoid wearing complicated clothing that will take a lot of time to take off and then wear again. Some experts even recommend to wear slip-on shoes that are easy and quick to wear.

Purchase TSA-friendly check-in bag

If you are a frequent flyer, then this will be one of those purchases that will save you a lot of time at security checkpoints. These bags have been designed in such a way that they can lay flat on the X-ray machine’s conveyor belt so that you don’t have to extract every item from the bag for checking. There are many companies these days that offer such TSA-friendly carry-on bags and laptop bags that make airport security an easy and hassle-free job.

Avoid carrying too many electronics

Even though you may want to capture each and every moment of your travel, avoid taking unnecessary electronics with you on your trip. The more electronics you take, the more thoroughly you will be checked at the airport security. You will also be required to remove all electronic items such as laptops, camcorders, cameras, USB cables etc. When you put your bag in for checking.

Consider investing in expedited service

There are many airlines these days that offer the passengers to buy expedited services, allowing them to cruise through security with ease. From priority check-ins to Global Entry Programs, the list is endless. In fact, some of the busiest airports in the world also offer meet and greet as well as fast track services to its passengers so that they can get expedited clearance at the airport security.  Use helpful keywords such as Phuket Airport Fast Track Services to check if the airport or airlines has these services.

Stay patient

When all else fails, your best bet to cross the airport security is to remain patient and polite. Remember that the airport security staff has to scan millions of passengers on a daily basis. So being impatient or impolite will only delay you further. So, you can follow the tips shared in this article to move quickly through the airport security.

Airport security may seem like a nuisance but it is important for your safety and that of others. So, cooperate with the TSA staff and follow the rules to the letter. This is the single most effective technique to cross security without being delayed further.

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