Ransomware Gang behind Ireland’s attack also struck US health and emergency networks


The ransomware attack that emerged the Irish health system was far from an isolated incident. BleepingComputer and Gizmodo Note that the FBI has published a Flash Warning alert indicating that the Ransomware Group behind the Ireland attachment has also targeted “at least” 16 health and emergency networks, including police and distribution centers police. The group used Conti Ransomware that steals files, system digits and pressures the victims to pay via a fear portal that their data is sold or published online.

The FBI did not identify the victims or said if they had paid ranes.

It is believed that the Ransomware conti would be under the control of the Cybercrime band of the Assistant based in Russia. The code shares connections with Ryuk Ransomware and even uses the distribution channels of the malicious software.

The authors of the Irish attack released a free decipherizer after realizing the nature of their victim, but they always said they release or sold data. They initially requested a ransom. Of course, the problem is that this group could use similar tactics. Health operations and personal data can be threatened at risk, even though the attackers give up ranes, and those who do it can inadvertently promote future attacks.

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