Android root tool developer joined Google Android Security Team


Of oneself also often, the skills and dedication of the developer of isolated software are finally noticed by a large company that then raises the developer, making an offer that they can not almost refuse. However, however, it also means that the developer has no time or opportunity to work on the thing that earned them this glory. Sometimes, however, things become even more difficult due to potential conflicts of interest, a situation that could face the Android rooting community now that the magisk developer is now working for Google.

Android rooting, called jailbreaking on iPhones, has always been a gray area. On a technical level, there should be no restrictions to gain superuser or root privileges taking into account the Linux roots of Android. That said, because of the rather complicated nature of mobile devices, Android opted for a system in which such access contributes to exploiting bugs in the operating system.

This is exactly what rooted, even with the most recent magisk utility. It is then surprising and reasonable that his developer John Wu has attracted Google’s attention and has now announced that he will join the security team of the Android platform. In other words, he will work with the people that his project has tried to counteract, not malice, of course.

Of course, the conflict has not been lost on Internet users and they wondered what would happen to the magic to move forward. Wu initially said that he always had the necessary flexibility to work on his existing projects, but the tweet saying who apparently disappeared.

That said, Magisk is open source, it is therefore possible that anyone has enough knowledge, skills and patience to take it or fork in the worst case scenario. Hope this will not be the case, but given how Android security works, it could also be in the interest of the majority of Android users if a person as talented as Wu worked to strengthen him against those with Intentions less than innocents.

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