The Glastonbury Festival, the first live live event ran into the main Snags


The first Livestramed event The Glastonbury Festival is not right according to the plan. The BBC reports that the organizers of Emily Eave have apologized after thousands of ticket holders face technical problems that lock them out of the start of Virtual Performance May 22 or kick it later. The Festival Team makes a free flow available around 9pm local time (4pm east), but you can only rewind one hour – the earliest part of the show is inaccessible.

Driift, the operator for the event, promises access to direct streaming May 23 and a link that will let them watch until May 30. People who cannot listen to the show will also be promised a refund of a ticket.

This is not the first time an online concert has a problem, and there are many digital performances that are lost without obstacles. However, Glastonbury is one of the largest music festivals on the planet – and the flow is intended to support charity and music industry staff who cannot work because of a pandemic. Technical problems deteriorate important moments, and not everyone will have the opportunity to watch again.

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