California DMV has Tesla “under review” of Musk FSD’s claims


According to the Times, the California Motor Vehicle Department seems actively investigating the TESLA investigation compared to the bold allegations of the CEO of ELON MUSK on the complete self-produced technology of its company. The news is barely one week after the Tesla engineers admitted privately in the DMV that Musk had exaggerated the capabilities of the FSD system on social media.

The FSD is an option of $ 10,000 for TESLA models and promises to make any way for change in highway traffic and taking out only to stop independently to traffic lights and signs. However, this does not make them “fully” autonomous. TESLA vehicles currently operate at Level 2 autonomy, Director of Autopilot Software CJ Moore, told DMV researchers during a call for teleconference of March 9.

“The driver’s interaction ratio should be in the magnitude of 1 or 2 million miles by driver interaction to move to higher levels of automation”, a memo obtained by the plain obtained concerning the meeting is read. “Tesla said that Eon can be explained on improvement rates when he spoke of Capacities of L5. Tesla could not say whether the improvement rate would make the L5 by the end of the calendar year.”

This fact, which Tesla herself admits on his website “does not do the autonomous car” (although in the tiny police), did not stop quantifying a number of rich arnouches to treat these cars as their Personal robocars – with years of fatal results.

Although the law of California rents accidents or damage caused while doing this squarely on people technically behind the wheel, the DMV has the power to penalize any automotive business that deceives its customers under the law of Lanham, Bryant Walker Smith Associate Professor in the University of South Carolina Law School said at the time.

These penalties could include autonomous deployment licenses for TESLA suspension (or revokers), as well as the company’s manufacturing and dealer licenses. For drivers, such a revocation would mean that their vehicles could be “withdrawn from the public road by a police officer,” said a DMV spokeswoman at the time, if the COP noted that the FSD has been activated.

It is only the last of Tesla long-standing litigation on its self-educated systems. The Company is currently facing hundreds of lawsuits, nearly two dozen NHTSA surveys, and the FTC examines allegations against this one of misleading marketing. Even the CCP has been tirelessly on Tesla for weeks on recent accidents.

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