Google Assistant could soon turn off your Android phone


Google Smart Ai’s intelligent virtual assistant has definitely much smarter over the years, but there seems to be simple things he can still not do. One of these is apparently the ability to turn off your phone using your voice, which sounds (no wordset intended) redundant considering that there is a power button. It turns out that Google Assistant could get exactly this feature in Android 12 and precisely because it will be able to control this power button for oneself.

Among the many intelligent assistants available on phones, Google Assistant probably has the most number of activation methods, especially on pixel phones. There is of course the voice command path, presuming that it is always alert for the alarm sentence. There are also dedicated buttons as well as connections on some phones with this hardware functionality. You can also drag the corners of the screen for those who use android gestures navigation.

In Android 12, this is another activation method, another activation method requiring a long press on the power button. This, however, is also the action that normally appears the power menu to raise, restart and certain controls of the intelligent home from Android 11. It was noted by some Android 12 beta uses that there is has no options to turn off the phone must choose to assign the action to Google Assistant.

The 9to5Google Sow revealed that Android 12 will propose two new ways to turn off the phone. One is to press the volume and power buttons simultaneously at the same time. The most interesting method indicates Google wizard to turn off the phone, which you can invoke the power button in the long run.

The report notes that the function is still not activated, even if they have been able to bring the information page, so they were not able to test if it will directly light your phone or to approach The old power menu. It may not even happen at all, given Google’s habits, but hopefully, it will be up to one way for users to easily disable their phones when Google Assistant has taken the power button.

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