By pursuing a brain injury after an accident: what you should know


A traumatic brain injury or a TBI is caused by a jolt or a severe blow to the head. This injury occurs mainly in motorcycle, vehicle and other major accidents. In the United States, car accidents contribute around 14% of TBI’s total number of cases. If you suffer from a brain injury, you will not simply manage the pain. Your mental functions are also affected, which can make a very difficult recovery. In some cases, you can never completely recover.

The brain injuries are complicated. They can be threatening life and are also in the long run. TBI claims are also difficult to manage because they are expensive and can take too much time to plead. If you or your being loved suffered a cerebral injury after a car accident, you may want to consider hiring a car accident lawyer in Manhattan.

How do you know if you have a TBI?

The only way to know if you have the TBI is to access a doctor or specialist for a diagnosis. That’s why it’s crucial to go to the hospital after a car accident, even if you do not see any physical sign of injury. Primary prejudice occurs when there is a serious blow to your head.

The impact of the shot causes the collision of your brain with your skull. This can damage all your brain or lobes. You may seem well, especially if you do not have other injuries. However, your brain can start swelling, push against your skull and minimize the oxygen-rich blood stream.

Some symptoms that you can include the following:


Loss of consciousness


Confusion / disorientation

Poor concentration




Memory loss

Ask for medical attention as soon as you feel such symptoms. Symptoms may also vary because each brain injury is different. Due to the complexity of brain injuries, several factors are taken into account in prosecution:

The party responsible

Before pretending a brain injury, you should first determine the faulty party. This can be difficult because, in some cases, the other pilot is not always responsible. The driver could have caused the accident, but it’s not their responsibility to pay your wounds.

or example, if the fault driver was a bus or business driver, their employer can be held responsible. In other cases, the injury may result from a defective part and, in this case, the manufacturer is responsible.

Your request

You need to know how much your injury is worth making sure you are rightly compensated. Not knowing what you should get in a settlement or as a reward can mean that you accept a small compensation.

Requests for cerebral prejudice may have economic and non-economic damage. If you do not value the cost of processing your injuries or manage a condition for a long time, you may need to pay for expenses out of the pocket.

Your damages should include hospital invoices, transportation costs, lost wages or workdays, adverse effects of the accident, suffering and more. Your accident caller should be able to calculate your losses and negotiate fair compensation.

The status of limitations

The status of limitations varies from state to state and you must be aware of the duration of your choice. Most states have a deadline of two or three years, and if you fail to file your trial within the scheduled time, your application can no longer be valid.

Experienced car accident-wounded lawyers are aware of the status of limiting their condition and will allow you to not lose your right to claim.

Lawyers on car accidents will help you with your trial on your cerebral prejudice

Cerebral injuries are difficult to manage and be compensated for them is also more difficult. To perform the control process for your legal rights for remuneration, talk to a lawyer on a car accident on your injury and let them manage the prosecution for you. In this way, you can focus on your recovery.

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