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Bobby Bones, born as Bobby Estell, is a famous American radio personality. He is famous for holding his own country music radio show, the Bobby Bones show. Through this show, he has made several significant changes in the world of country music. People can even say that he is the most controversial DJ in the history of this music genre.

Although the program became very popular when it was taken nationally, with a rating of 3 million listeners, many people were not happy with their work. In 2014, a mysterious organization called “Anti-Bobby Bone” soared, putting out “Go Bobby Bones” billboards throughout Nashville.

So, who is this man? What is the beginning, and why are people split when they come to their jobs? Good people love him or don’t like him, actually nothing is indifferent. Well, in this article, we will introduce you to this radio personality, giving you some details of his initial life, career, and talking about many of the awards he has won.

Early life 

Bobby Bones was born on April 2, 1980, in Arkansas, where he grew up with his mother Pamela, with the help of his motherhood. His mother had it at the age of 15, and his father left them when he was only five years old. In many interviews, bones stated that because he grew up in poverty, even at the age of being so young, he always assumed that the radio was the best way to escape the hard situation.

After graduating from high school, Bones registered at Henderson State University, where he got a degree in radio / television in 2002. Actually, during his college period, when he was 17 years old, he began his first radio show called “The Pulse . “.

Professional career

Apart from the campus radio program, Bobby’s full-time job is at the Q100 / Kqar station in Little Rock, Arkansas. Immediately, he moved to the KLAL radio station, and finally began working at KHFI-FM in Austin, where he launched his program “Bobby Bones show”.

Even though he had rented to work on the night program, he immediately moved to work in the morning, and it didn’t take long for the show to be the most popular in Austin.

In 2012, the program was taken nationally when he signed it to the iHeartMedia Inc., known as a clear channel medium at that time. Until then, the format of this program was Top-40, but when the bone moved from Austin to Nashville, in 2013, the show began to focus on country music.

If you want to learn more details about it, visit, because all we will say is that the bones have interviewed many celebrities such as Luke Bryans, Taylor Swift, Blake Shelton, Miss Antebellum, but also some outside the music genre Country like Ed Sheeran. 

“Bobby Bones show” became very large so today it is available in more than 150 radio stations throughout the US, England, and Canada, with more than 9 million followers every week. This is considered the most significant country formatting program, with the largest fan base in Chicago, through WebG radio stations.

We can freely say that it has opened up many doors because he has also held and even appeared at various festivals organized by the iHeartradio Music Festival in Las Vegas, the Ihartadio State Festival in Austin, and the largest, the iHeartradio Music Awards held every year in Los Angeles. Moreover, he even became a member of other radio shows called “Top 30 Weekly State ” which aired in more than one hundred radio stations throughout the country.

Another job

If you think that career bones only rotate around the country radio program, then you can’t be more wrong. He is also an actor, writer, and player, but let’s start from the beginning.

In 2009, he appeared in the romantic comedy of “bandslam” music with Vanessa Hudgens

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