5 Easy Ways To Facilitate Two-Wire Surveillance RADIO Lapel Shoulder Mic.


Most of the law enforcement officers usually use radio earpieces as they often work as a team. It is a mandatory piece of equipment that helps that group of people in any critical operation. They can also communicate with their teammates from a long distance. Though there are many law enforcement agencies available in the world, the main customers of this earpiece are the policemen as they often involve in secret missions.

Modern technology brings high-quality, lightweight earpieces instead of expensive and bulky ones. A radio earpiece offers maximum comfort with a custom-fit option, so users wear it for a long time without feeling any problem. If you are one of them and face bad experiences having the poor quality and bulky earpieces, then you have to choose the right one as your requirements. To simplify your finding job, we’ve come out with an excellent radio earpiece, which is Two-Wire Surveillance Mic.

Review of Two-Wire Surveillance Mic

The Two-Wire Surveillance Mic is one of the best police radio earpieces available on the market today. It comes with heavy-duty, rugged construction with super flexible Kevlar reinforced PU cables. Besides, this best police radio earpiece has high-quality audio, which can transmit and receive sounds very clearly. Apart from these features, this earpiece provides you a lot of advantages.

Solid Construction

This police earpiece is solidly manufactured and made of high-quality materials, not just some cheap plastic. It is an excellent surveillance earpiece which you’re looking for to wear comfortably. Also, it comes with the mic cord that is at least 10 inches longer than the earpiece. Besides, this device ensures the maximum durability to have the Kevlar reinforcement PU cables. After all, this excellent police earpiece must work for years if you take care of it regularly.

High-Quality Audio

Regardless of its heavy-duty construction and durability, the earpiece produces high-quality audio when you are transmitting and receiving the sounds. You can communicate with your teammates with clear output and reception. A small lapel PTT microphone attaches with a metal clip, so you can easily cancel the noise.


As the earpiece is usable with radios, so compatibility is a must. So, this two-wire surveillance police earpiece is such a cool gear and compatible with Motorola 2 pin models radios. You can use with many devices, such as CP Series, CLS Series, RDX Series, RM Series. Latin America Series and many more.


You may have to wear your earpiece all day long. For that, comfort is one of the necessary features, which must be included in an earpiece. The Two-Wire Surveillance Mic for Motorola delivers comfortable wearing. It ensures soft and skin-friendly material, which provides comfort for long-time wear. It’s not the other earpieces available in the market, which are expensive, uncomfortable and bulky. If you use this earpiece, you feel comfortable while performing in secret operations.

Ease of Use

This police earpiece includes a helpful manual, so you can find it easy to use. You can also know more about the earpiece to simplify the usage and ensure comfort while using the two-way radio communications. The transparent silicon earpiece looks lightweight, so it doesn’t create doubt for the opposition. Overall, this earpiece creates a fantastic value to the users.


  • Comes with rugged construction
  • Made of durable materials
  • Features noise-free communication
  • Offers strong microphone
  • Ensures high-quality audio


  • The cord seems to be a bit long for some users

In a nutshell, communication is essential in every sphere of life. If you are not able to find the best option to communicate with others, your life might be incomplete. So, we can say, the police department cannot run well if it doesn’t create proper co-ordination.

The solution of the problem is using an earpiece during teamwork, especially this one if you want to get more clarity. Also, this radio earpiece ensures comfort while using it for a long time. In spite of the rugged construction, the price is reasonable, and so you cannot beat the price. Enjoy this equipment and always stay connected with your mates.

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