Top 10 most trendy blouse designs from the last decade


You think that a good old saree can’t do much to your friend’s cocktail brunch, but you’re absolutely wrong out here. As a saree is the new ‘Boss’ of fashion for the extremely hot and trendy blouse designs that came into discussion like a big Flip. The best way of making a Sanskari-look turn into an Instagram Hit.

blouse designBackless Blouse designs

Backless is probably the most talked about fashion statement for many. As the most controversial wear, this particular blouse designs have a separate fan base. Though many women do not find the absolute comfort of wearing it, yet it is the most understated wear. Designs like Spade back, tied strings, back hooks, box cut, temple cut, and diamond cut are the most prominent examples of these.

Sleeveless Blouse designs

The boldest fashion in the 70s, is now a home grown statement for everybody irrespective of their body type or skin colour. That is exactly what sleeveless blouse designs do. It can be as sleek as a string, to as thick as broad ribbon.

Full-Sleeve Blouse designs

The exact opposite of sleeveless designs, like this is the most obvious explanation for it. This blouse design is simple in the front as well as the back. The blouse designs are simple, but are the most elegant option for the wearer.

Halter Neck Blouse designs

The halter-neck blouse designs are just the best example of classy and elegant bind together into a package. You’re undoubtedly going to fall for this, if you have an inclination towards the latest trends.

blouse designs

Back Button Blouse designs

You shan’t have an idea about trends and hacks, but you would definitely know about the back button thing. In these designs, the blouse is having an opening on the back side as a trail.

Tassels Blouse designs

Who isn’t fond of tassels? Let’s just everyone who has some affinity towards fashion and being fashionable. Tassels are just an accessory that accentuates the entire look of the blouse designs.

Round Neck Blouse designs

Now, round neck blouse designs aren’t anything posh or different as a trend. But it became extremely trendy with the fall of the 90’s look. That came into fashion, after the brocade and velvet material became the favorite designer material.

Bow and Ribbons Blouse designs

You’ll always find this in Sabyasschi’s summer collection. This particular design finds its way at every ramp in India. The back of this blouse is collectively tied like a “bow tie” which makes it a really kwel design.

Mirror Work Blouse designs

Here the designers actually work on the fabric instead of the main blouse design. The blouse designs can be of any kind, long sleeve, or short sleeve. But the final design has to be on the blouse, which is intricate with multiple small mirrors, with either the support of glue or stitch.

Block print blouse designs

Though it is a print which made its way into the blouse designs, yet it is one of the most used camuglouge for most of the designers. Printed wear is a really good hideout for extra closure needed by some ladies. So, block print is an absolute favorite for people who want to have the appearance of a lower body mass. Yes that is true, it is actually a great way of spacing and accentuating what you actually want to highlight.

You’re definitely getting at least two or three of the above blouse designs. Aren’t you? These blouse designs are versatile and can be made into your own version. Believe me or not, ethic wears are far more compatible for everyone. You’re anyway looking fabulous in a simple saree, a “bindi” and a pair of “Jhumkas” obviously.

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