Sharp Aquos R6 Smartphone Liberation will make you wish you lived in Japan


The Sharp Aquos R6 has been revealed today with a set of features that make the rest of the Smartphone world. The AQUOS R6 works with an OLED WUXGA + 6.6-inch IGZO screen with Dolby Vision, the 2000 Nit brightness and the ability to reach up to 240 frames per second (image refresh rate). This device has been co-engineering with Leica, which means that we also have an intense power of the camera in the mixture.

The Sharp Aquos R6 works with a Summicron lens system (with F / 1.9) and a 1-inch CMOS image sensor for the main camera on the back of this smartphone. This 20 megapixel main camera looks like it means business.

Inside this machine has a SOCKM Snapdragon 888 of Qualcomm. This is a brand new processor with first-order graphical capabilities associated with 5G equipment capable of Qualcomm. This device is also certified WiFi 6, assuming as well as you get a 5G system or WiFi network serving this newest wireless Internet, you are going as quickly as any other smartphone today.

The RAM of this unit is the LPDDR5 and you get 12 GB. It’s 12GB of RAM in a smartphone. Do not forget that when the Motorola Atrix has been published for the first time with a Double NVIDIA NVIDIA processor and we thought, Wow, finally, we can see what 1GB of RAM can do in a smartphone?

This phone has a battery of 5000 mAh inside, which would normally seem like a heavy capacity – but considering the big bright screen, densely pixel-packed, it will probably give us a day of battery energy, max. But we will see! Once we examine this device, we will see indeed.

It is unlikely that we will see this device available for sale in the United States. If you live in Japan, you will most probably see the Sharp Aquos R6 announced significantly in the coming months. Take a look at the demo video above to see this smartphone from all angles.

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