Microsoft Free Teams & Family Video Calls have a great advantage


Microsoft teams add friends and family features, offering free audio and video calls as well as virtual environments to catch up with socially distanced and more entertaining socially distanced. Although already a pillar of companies, where teams compete with platforms such as slack and zoom, personal teams include the possibility of having a call that lasts a whole day without disconnection.

“You can meet anyone in a call 1: 1 and talk about 24 hours of 24 hours,” explains Microsoft. “For a group call (more than two people), you can meet up to 100 participants and call up to 60 minutes for free. We renounce these limits in the light of Covid-19 so you can meet up to 300 participants and talk about 24 hours for until now until that precise. “

Meanwhile, the same mode together as the teams offers business and business users are also extended to personal calls and video chat. This actually cut each person to the call and enroutes them in a shared virtual environment. This includes a family show, a coffee shop and a summer resort, Microsoft says.

Emoji reactions and gifs are also support and teams text cats are persistent so that they are not reset after the end of each call. Cats can also be played and answered via SMS, so people without PC, Mac, iOS or Android device – such as, for example, a grandparent with a large buttons rock phone – can always be included .

There is also support for task lists and tasks shared in group discussions, with the ability of all involved to add new tasks, to assign and check them when completed. Chat messages can also be converted instantly into a task too, as adding things to shopping lists.

Later, the care of the surveys will be added. This will vote multiple possibilities, then the results can be converted into a group event or in a task list.

This, and all the other details shared in the teams can be viewed in the cat dashboard interface. This shows shared content such as photos and videos, links, tasks and group events, in addition to the location of people with sharing. For those who use teams for work, there is time, it is possible to switch between different profiles for the accounts of the house and companies, so as to keep both distinct.

Personal features teams are available today with a free account. All features Bar polls are available now, with the voting system on the roadmap to be added later.

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