Microsoft Teams adds new features to make more attractive personal calls


Since the pandemic epidemic has disrupted our lives, tools such as zoom, Microsoft teams and Google Meet, etc. came forward to help people work remotely. However, the companies of these platforms have identified that these applications are not only useful for getting you going through the work of days, but can be extremely useful for people to connect to their loved ones.

As a result, some of the new features added to these platforms are dedicated to the family of family and friends looking to create their personal meetings. With the introduction of these new features, Microsoft aims to position teams as a tool that has a lot to offer beyond the business environment and hopes to zoom in this segment.

Among these new features introduced by Microsoft is in set mode that offers a different view of regular video calls and that users feel like sitting in a common room rather than showing their flows from their respective locations. This, according to Microsoft, reduces the fatigue of the video call “Your brain does not have to work as hard compared to a standard video call.”

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As it is designed for personal use, Microsoft virtual environments offer include a family show, a coffee shop or even a summer resort, the last can especially be loved by people who are still unable to travel because of related trips of COVID-19 Restrictions. In addition, there is an environment that has all participants on the background of the ocean and we do not know why. However, do not forget not to use them for your official calls and meetings, however.

Another addition is the ability to react with live emoji during calls that, according to Microsoft, help “bring more emotions and personality to meetings of our teams”.

In addition, in the event that you have missed the important group call planned to finalize Goa’s elusive path after pandemic albums, the teams will allow you to make up the recorded cat and react with the help of Emoji or GIF to attract everyone’s attention and continue the conversation of where it ended. Unlike zoom, where the discussion session ends just after the call, the team’s ability to let you wear the cat is a winner here.

Cats messages can now be converted into tasks so you do not forget to get the reservation or order most of the game. The teams will also allow users to create surveys to help you decide important topics such as the dinner menu or the next movie that the family will watch together.

In addition, Microsoft will also allow you to invite non-users to the group call while simply sharing the invite link. These users can either download the application to join the call on the phone or simply connect via a browser without having to create an account.

Other features that have been added to the teams are the ability to organize all shared items for a group, including photos, files, links, tasks, and shared events. Users can also create and switch between two different accounts to keep their personal and separate personal profiles.

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