Definitive Guide to Purchasing Commercial Kitchen Equipment Online



Are you contemplating about opening a new restaurant? Or do you want to outfit a commercial kitchen in a school or municipality building? One of the most crucial decisions is purchasing ideal equipment. Buying new kitchen appliances is a huge responsibility. Before you swipe your credit card, you ought to have the right tips to get a machine. Below is a definitive guide to purchasing commercial kitchen appliances.

  1. The total cost of ownership (TCO)

You need to calculate the TCO as it will assist you in establishing how much the device will cost throughout its lifecycle. You need to crunch the numbers while thinking about the initial purchase cost.

You ought to know that your unit will consume energy, water as well as oil. You have to factor in labor used to operate the equipment. These prices should get added to the initial purchase.

After completion of the TCO analysis, you can compare various prices in online commercial kitchen equipment outlets. Then, you can proceed to determine if the right course of action to take in purchasing the appliance

  1. Warranty and maintenance agreement

It’s always wise to investigate the warranty offered by a new kitchen appliance. It will enable you to see if the manufacturer will cover it if anything goes wrong. Get to explore the various extended warranties offered.

You need to consider the cost of maintenance of a particular commercial kitchen appliance. You need to factor in emergency repair as the equipment may fail while carrying out your business.

In a situation where the maintenance agreement seems costly its always best to consider another alternative

  1. Functionality as well as the size

You need to take your time and plan for what you require. Have a look at your menu and what type of food you intend to prepare.

Always go for equipment that offers multi-functionality options. It will save ensure you have less cooking time while keeping you on the total cost.

Always select an appliance that will allow you to handle outputs as expected. Don’t go for machines that are too large to meet your needs. They will rack up your utility bills. Nonetheless, don’t choose appliances that are too small; they will become stressful to manage. Always purchase the size of machines to meet your production needs.

  1. Shipping and delivery

Other factors that you ought to keep in mind while engaging in online shopping is shipping cost and delivery timelines.

You need to check on the kitchen appliance brand or equipment style. They have different prices as well as shipping costs. Also, consider the aftersale services during installation.

Always inspect your equipment one it’s delivered. Check for any missing parts or any damages. If there is, it’s the responsibility of the shipping company to offer a replacement.

You need to check the delivery timelines so that you can clear space for the incoming appliance. The shipping company ought to deliver within the stipulated time frame.


Purchasing a piece ofcommercial kitchen equipment is a considerable investment. You ought to take decisive action that will offer your business value. By following the above guideline, you can become assured of making the right purchase.

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