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Tiesto is a famous Dutch DJ and a recording manufacturer from Breda. Mix magazine gave him the biggest DJ title of all time because fans chose it. He is also considered the best DJ of the last 20 years and Baptist EDM’s father. The government of the electronic music scene seems to be free from many competitors and his crazy lifestyle. Let’s learn more about life, career, and income.

Early life 

On January 17, 1969, in Breda, the Netherlands, Tijs Michiel Verwest was brought to this world.

When he was twelve years old, his commitment and desire for music began. Two years later, he began Djing professionally at school parties. In a period from 1985 to 1994, Tiesto was a resident DJ at several clubs in his home country. He used to appear from 10pm to 4 in the morning on the Spock, a small club in Breda. At the beginning of his music career as a DJ, he usually played a new beat and sour home.


In 1994, he produced hardcore tracks and Gabber and released material on the Noculan Sub-label Records Chemo and Coolman under Aliases Da Joker and DJ Limited. General recording general manager Beat found it in the same year. After signing the label, he met Arny Bink, who was the co-creator of the Guardian Angel sub-label.

Both introduced the Forbidden Paradise series, which paved the way for Tiesto’s popularity. In 1997, the pair established their own label and called it a black hole recording. Four years later, Tiesto’s first solo album, in my memory, was released under a new sub-label called Magik Muzik. Hits like the Lethal industry and 643 flights are on the album.

In 2000, during his collaboration with Armin Van Buuren, Tiesto created two projects: Alibi – eternity, and the main league – wondering where you are. In 2004, his second solo album, only, came out. It is important to show that Tiesto must appear at the opening ceremony of Athens 2004 Summer Olympics.

He released another three albums: Elements of Life (2007), Kaleidoscope (2009), and a city called Paradise (2014).

2015 was important for Tiesto because that’s when he won the Grammy Award for the remixed version of John Legend’s song to me. He also received the key to Las Vegas.

Home and car

Tiesto used to have a property in Miami, but he sold it because he mostly stayed at the hotel. This prevents it from having a lasting relationship, but it seems he doesn’t mind because of his life full of adventure.

He has a car including Aston Martin DB9, Rolls Royce Wraith who is bright, a Mercedes G-Wagon, and Citigo Skoda.

Net worth 

Tiesto’s net worth is estimated at up to $ 150 million. Most of his income came from tours and shows, but also from the DJ residency in Las Vegas (and before in Ibiza), and the record label. Like many famous artists, ratification is part of his income.

Some of his favorite brands include 7up, Skoda, Audofly, and Reebok. Tiesto collaboration with Microsoft created a special version of the Windows Vista operating system for the Dutch market. He will not retire in the near future, so it is believed that his clean wealth will be greater in the coming years.

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