Ice Cube Net worth 2021 – How rich in legendary rap artists?


Ice Cube is a popular and famous name that doesn’t really need a big introduction. He is a rapper and iconic American actor and many successful ones who first rose for fame and prominent success along the way back during the 1980s as part of the hip-hop group. A little later, he jointly founded another rap group that was more controversial and more prominent named N.W.A. Apart from this, Ice Cube is widely regarded as one of the founders of true Gangster Rap music.

While years and decades passed, Ice Cube became a mucin icon, and a top-level personality in the music industry. After being very successful as a solo music artist and as an actor, he remains a popular Hollywood personality to this day. Unless he works in these two entertainment industries, he is also a big entrepreneur and businessman. Naturally, he has accumulated quite large wealth for years working. In this article, we will discuss early life, career, and net worth of ice cubes.

Early life 

O’Shea Jackson Senior Born on June 15, 1969, at Baldwin Hills, South Central Los Angeles. His parents were his mother Doris, who worked as a hospital clerk and custodian, and Pastor Hosea Jackson, a machinist engine and guard at UCLA. His parents are very important for him during his childhood, because they know what environment they live in. Therefore, they guide their young men through subtle and troubled everyday life, surrounded by drugs, weapons, racism and violence.

During the early teenage years, Ice Cube was first interested in hip-hop music. As a hobby, he wrote Rap songs while he was in George Washington High School in Los Angeles.

His luck turned around when his parents moved him to other secondary schools. It was in San Fernando Valley, a region that was far more stable and rich. As soon as he was used to his life there, he began to wonder about all the violence, drugs and other difficulties that destroy the lives of people in his first environment. The more friends are killed or go to prison every day, so he decides he wants something better for himself and his future family.

After Ice Cube graduated from high school, he went to study architecture at the Phoenix Institute of Technology, in Arizona. However, at the moment, his love and desire for RAP and Hip-hop are only getting bigger and bigger, so after he gets a diploma, he returns to LA and decides to try his luck in the industry.

Rap career.

His first rap collective is c.i.a. He started this group along with two of his friends. They mostly performed at parties organized by other future legends in the industry, Rapper and producer Dr. Dre. A few years later, in 1986, he formed another more famous group named N.W.A., which stands for n *** like with attitude. Other group members include Dr. Dre, Eazy-e and Arab Prince. After the group scored several major hits and conflict, Ice Cube left the group in 1989 and went for a solo career.

May 1990 was when he released his first solo album, and it was a hit, getting a lot of critical praise. The album was titled Americkka most desirable, and it really increased the popularity of the overall rap genre in the early 90’s. In 1991, the second album’s death certificate came, and after that the third album appeared, Predator, in 1992. Each new album was more popular than the last, and all three were widely regarded as the best.

Ice Cube never lost his touch and style in years rolled up. His reputation and fame continued to grow. The following albums included deadly injections in 1993, War & Peace Vol. 1 In 1998, War & Peace Vol. 2 in 2000, and then laugh now, cry later, raw record and

Acting career

The ICE Cube began his work as an actor at the same time his Solo rap career took off. His first role was as a Doughboy character at Boyz N hood in 1991, after which he played several major roles in more famous and successful films, including Friday in 1995, three kings in 1999, and Barbershop from 2002. He quickly became a Favorite fan because he is funny, talented, and tough. The audience loves him, and he keeps entertaining them.

While he does have a picture and attitude of Gangsta “, Ice Cube is a smart, pleasant and relaxed man. This is proven to be the most in the comedy film including whether we have been there? And the sequel was finished? 21 Jump Street, and the sequel to 22 Jump Street. What’s more, the culote films including rising and fighting battles are not serious at all, and the character always shows Stela.

However, when he arrived at the business, he was as strong as and dedicated as usual. If he doesn’t work hard all his life, he won’t be so successful. The last example of his successful business includes a new basketball league, called Big3.

These are three versus three concepts of basketball league where former professional players, mostly from the NBA, play against each other. This is a great success throughout the world, and many leading players and EX NBA All-Stars come to play there after their NBA retirement. One of the business ideas is the lines of clothing called Solo by Cube, while he also ratifies supporters. The two brands he follows include liquor St. Ides and light beer.

Home and car

Being so famous and successful thanks to skills and talents of rap entrepreneurs, producing, acting, and entrepreneurs, Ice Cube has a lot of benefits and booties that come with that success. He was not spoiled and arrogant like his colleagues from the new era of Rap, but he knew how to enjoy his life.

For example, last year, Ice Cube treated himself to the amazing Marina del Rey Mansion. This house used to belong to the only film star Jean-Claude van Damme. Rapper parted ways with $ 7.25 million for this 7574 house. This three-storey property has a gym, theater, wet bar, and a wine cellar. Also, it has 11 bedrooms, six fireplaces, a formal living room and dining room, and kitchen art. The glass stairs and lifts connect three floors, while there is a swimming pool overlooking the sea and the city on the roof.

Because he is Rapper OG, you know ice cubes love the car. He has a large collection of fast and luxurious cars. These include Rolls Royce Ghost, Corvette Stingray, some Bentley such as Arnage and Spur Flying, as well as Cadillac Escalade, Porsche Panamera, and Vantage Roadster Vantage Martin V8. The most favorite type of car is a muscle car, but the first vehicle is the 1969 VW beetle.

Ice Cube Net worth 2021

The ICE Cube began to accumulate its great wealth for a long time, and he never stopped him. His efforts only increased, and so did his condition. He raised around $ 2.6 million from his first album, while the second was cashed with more than $ 1.5 million. The third carries $ 2.5 million. And all of that was still in the 1990s.

The next two decades bring it more albums, and albums bring more fame, fans and sales, producing millions of dollars for their names. In 2016, his income crossed $ 50 million. After all his life works include different music, acting, and business, in 2019, the estimated wealth of ice cubes is more than $ 145 million. Don’t expect to stay like this, because he always plans new projects and businesses to conquer. However, this is how the hardest people remain rich and successful.

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