10 companies that you pay for writing greeting cards


The greeting card is a large industry in the US, netting around $7.5 billion every year. And they are such an important part of the American lifestyle that we even have a Greeting Card Association!  In fact, the Greeting Card Association conducted a survey and found that 30% of people who received a greeting card were going to keep it forever with themselves. That explains why greeting cards are always in demand and important. So much so that the companies beyond them are ready to pay you for new greeting card writings.

The process is very similar and easy to submitting poems for money. You submit your work on their website and if they like it, they give you payment according to your work. Simple as that! So, what companies can you tone your ideas to?

Below we have some of the best companies that pay you to write greeting cards for them.

  1. Hallmark

Perhaps the most famous greeting card commissioner, Hallmark doesn’t actually accept outside acceptance. They have their own in-house team of writers that write all of their greeting cards for them. So, if you want to make money witting greeting cards for Hallmark, you will probably have to move to Kansas City, Mo. as the company is headquartered there. The reason I am introducing it on this list is that I know the first company most people think of when it comes to writing greeting cards for, is Hallmark.

So I wanted to answer the question of whether or not they receive freelance writers, which unfortunately they don’t. But we have more companies that do!


form/page: http://corporate.hallmark.com/FAQs/FAQ-Inventors

  1. NobleWorks Cards

When it comes to amusing cards, Noble Works Cards is one of the top publishers. If you can come up with funny greeting card messages, this is the best place where you can make good money submitting your work. And they Pay according to their based on your work.


form/page: https://www.nobleworkscards.com/nobleworks-greeting-cards-submission-guidelines.html

  1. American Greetings

You’ve almost definitely heard of this big card company which is very popular. These guys don’t accept just anybody, though, so you’ll need to get in contact with them and arrange a formal exchange of ideas.and you may be Earn $5  & Over! So you may Join Smart Panel and share your experience on how you use the internet. They pay you $5 for installing their free app & $5 a month just for keeping it, plus loyalty bonus in every three months!


form/page: http://corporate.americangreetings.com/contact.html

  1. Smart Alex

This is a greeting card company that targets the adult demographic, and they have a heavy liking for mature and topical cards. That means your risque suggestions go here– though they do favor that you keep it out of the “filthy” territory.


form/page: http://www.smartalexinc.com/pages/artist_submissions/124.php

  1. RSVP

This company is Like the most other companies on this list, RSVP also published cards for any occasion – from holidays to birthdays, graduations, anniversaries and more.  They’re looking for writers who can write original, emotionally inspired, clever and original greeting card messages. They also receive work from artists. So if you can produce and design original greeting card artwork, give them a try.


form/page: http://www.creativersvp.com/reservations/

  1. Moonlighting Cards

These guys periodically run a contest that accepts written submissions. Keep your eye out, and you could make an easy $25 for being received.


form/page: http://www.moonlightingcards.com

  1. Shade Tree Greetings

This one is a little different than the other one’s companies. Here, you don’t get paid for writing, rather you get paid for presenting pictures to them! You see, they have a category of cards known as “Actual Pictures” which are fundamentally greeting cards with real pictures instead of drawings. These pictures come from, you guessed it, people like you and me. They like old family photos, mainly remarkable or funny ones. If they receive and use your picture, they’ll send you a $100 gift document to CoolFunnyGifts.com.


form/page: http://media.wix.com/ugd/11d2b6_271fe81b6df24a5f86a27c21f659d65a.pdf

  1. Avanti Press

A fetching large distributor of cards, Avanti Press has unfortunately filled all their positions there is no post is pending. But they’re on this list because they’re receiving work for future contributors, so you should definitely send over a work sample while you’re at it.


 form/page: http://www.avantipress.com/submit/submissions/writing-submission

  1. Gallant Greetings

Another company that is receiving future thought. you have to Make sure that you keep a copy of your acceptance as they do not send you the original back. This actually goes for every company – you always have a back up of your work.


form/page: http://www.gallantgreetings.com/contact.cfm

  1. Comstock

This is an adult-focused company, Comstock company pays $50 for accepted submissions. Artists make a varied wage. This company seems to be a bit suggestive than Smart Alex.


 form/page: http://comstockmarketplace.com/guidelines.php

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