How to stop recurring invoices in QuickBooks


If you are using QuickBooks, probably, you are aware of how useful this software is. QuickBooks can effectively and efficiently manage accounting activities. It is a feature-rich platform that enables you to manage your business finances on-go. It is a cost-effective platform, accessible through all devices to let you manage your company files from anywhere at any time.

Talking about features, Intuit always works on adding new attributes to its accounting platform. One recent addition QuickBooks has received is sending invoices on a recurring basis. The recurring invoice QuickBooks service is helpful for subscription modules and businesses that need monthly services. The recurring invoices

 So, if you are in an industry that works on recurring monthly income, then likely you know about setting up recurring invoices. But stopping them can be a real hustle. Therefore, to help you, in this post, we are going to share step by step process on how to stop recurring invoices in QuickBooks.

What are recurring invoices?

Many times businesses are required to send the same invoices every month. For an instance, if you have opted for any specific service that comes out on some particular day of every month, then your business might need to prepare the same invoice every month. Executing this task manually, right from creating invoices, sending e-mails, and collecting payments can lead to a lot of hassles. That’s where the recurring invoice feature of QuickBooks comes to your rescue. It automates the process of invoicing, thereby, freeing up your major portion of the time. The recurring invoices run on custom intervals as decided by you. This feature adds to your ease of running a business. But when you are not using recurring payments, it might become difficult for you to cease it. So, if you want to stop scheduled recurring invoices, continue reading.

Here’s how to stop a recurring invoice in QuickBooks

To stop recurring payments, you will either have to delete recurring transactions or have to change schedule settings to pause them from being regenerated.

Let’s take a look at how to stop recurring invoices in QuickBooks.

Step 1 – Launch QuickBooks application.

Step 2 – Navigate to the upper right side of your home screen and click on the gear icon (Settings).

Step 3 – From the menu displayed, select Recurring transactions.

Step 4 – Next, if you want to simply delete the template to stop the recurring transaction, then go to Edit and form drop-down, select Delete.

Step 5 – Hit Yes to confirm the action.

Step 6 – Else, if you want to save the template and prefer to alter the template to stop recurring transactions, then click on the Edit given at the top of the list.

Step 7 – After this, select account type and change it to Unscheduled or Reminder.

Step 8 – At last, click Save template to complete the action.

This will pause recurring payments, and no more payments will be processed on the defined intervals. Hence, with this, it is clear that deleting, managing, and suspending recurring payments in QuickBooks is much easier than we think. Similarly, when you desire to activate this recurring payment again, you can easily do it.

The Parting Words…

QuickBooks is an awesome tool that brings efficiency and productivity to your business. It has functionalities to enhance the outcomes of your basic business errands related to accounting and financial management. The feature of recurring invoices is one of the powerful additions to QuickBooks that helps in process of generation and processing of invoices on a monthly basis. You can start or stop this feature as needed by you. From all this, it is clear that QuickBooks is the one-stop solution for all accounting needs.

QuickBooks technical support team will get in touch with you and will help you resolve the issue in just a couple of minutes.

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